An American Drivers Love of Country on The 4th

An American Drivers Love of Country on The 4th

by Michael JB Schaffner
Today we celebrate the day when our forefathers declared our countries independence from rule under tyranny and corruption. Our Declaration of Independence..!!!
For many years through the history of mankind, we suffered through such oppression. Our ancestors knew all to well exactly what slavery felt like, whether it was under servitude or actual slavery. Those were the psychological “controlling mechanisms” that were used for many years to keep us broken, and subdued.
But thank God for the fight for the Magna Carta, and it’s inspiration that it gave to the very people who took their stand, and gave their lives and fortunes to birth our country; setting the example of what freedom and independence looks, and feels like. What it’s like to breathe as a free man, or woman.
We must not take this for granted, nor should we ever forget exactly what it took to reach this level of humanity. And we must never allow anyone to put us back into the chains of oppression, servitude, or slavery again. No matter the cost.
Thomas Jefferson reminded us that, “from time to time, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants”.
So we must not be afraid, nor hesitant, to defend, and protect our freedom. For the price of not defending what we have, and losing what was already paid for with blood, would be the must devastating blow to humanity.
Be very proud in your celebration today and always of our freedom and independence, as we may be called to protect it for our children, our grandchildren, our posterity.
Always remember;
We build it,
We fight for it,
We pay for it,
We live it,
This is our country,
Let’s save it..!!!

As always;
Be safe and God bless
JB The American Driver



About JB. He is a Driver that travels over Americas highways and byways. He is a Patriot and the kind of American that understands the Constitution and tries to make this country better in everything he does. Thank you JB for being part of The Liberty Beacon Family. God Bless You.


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