An Unlikely One World Order Of Black-Ideology (Part Two)

The American depressive narrative of fear… and our human salvation: Truth and Liberty….

We are what we make ourselves to be … Photo by Ken LaRive 1973

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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Once, in the company of lawyers, while having a bang-bang shrimp and Pimm’s Cup, they concurred: “Watch what you tell your doctor. It is a permanent record. Big Pharmacy wrote Obama Care.” They laughed, “Well, their lawyers did.”

Last month I wrote about experiences I had going to a Veteran’s Administration Nutritionist, and how, along the approved path to her office was asked four times if I thought I had PTSD. That seems the push of the month there, and one must ask the question why. Here is the link to my thoughts.

Most every person paying attention will feel something akin to depression when reflecting on the state of America today. If government sees PTSD and depression as an excuse to take away second amendment rights for a select few, the ammunition for that is found in the Veteran’s Administration. Even a diminutive study of so-called MED sites will show the complexity of this issue, and how misunderstood it is generally. There are no concise reasons so many American’s suffer from this most debilitating mental disorder, and the question as to why some people seem unaffected by trauma and others do not, begs a resolution. Before I finish this essay I will attempt, with my limited ability, an answer….

Seems the idea of depression is both complicated and convoluted, and finding verifiable statistics on this matter impossible from one site to another. Every page has its own reason to exist, and is under someone’s promotional thumb. A new form of designer vitamin, drug therapy from a new perspective to corner a market, and most all agendas are based on some form of conjecture, a hypothesis, or speculative point of view, and like everything in this world of men, the true reason is money, a black bottom line. That is the primary reason… and what I call a black-ideology. The following paragraph is a typical on-line MED take on PTSD and depression…

“Depression is one of the most commonly occurring disorders in PTSD. In fact, it has been found that among people who have or have had a diagnosis of PTSD, approximately 48% also had current or past depression. People who have had PTSD at some point in their life are almost 7 times as likely as people without PTSD to also have depression. Another study found that 44.5% of people with PTSD one month after experiencing a traumatic event also had a diagnosis of depression.”

Are they two different animals?

Note here that they are alluding that PTSD and depression are two different entities, and that they sometimes coexist. Can one have PTSD and not show signs of depression? Seems so, according to this site, but not all concur. On other sites PTSD and depression are discussed to be one and the same… that PTSD is a form of depression. Isn’t a concise definition needed? Yes, but the reason it isn’t is simple. The more complex an issue, the more lucrative it becomes. Make a cure lucrative, and you will have that cure tomorrow.

Yes, this issue is complicated. I’m sure it varies depending on the temperament of the person, and the severity of the trauma. But that just scratches the surface of how difficult it is to define. As I’ve been taught, usually the simplest definition is the most accurate, and this issue is the same… Note here, that we have had a singular idea instilled in our minds from early childhood, from our education and social development all the way to boot camp and business, and it is this: Depression primarily comes from a person’s inability to take responsibility for his own life. It manifests itself when a person is presented with a challenging situation and they can find no solution. Depression comes from what we can not control, and then there is a realization that digs a deeper hole for them, floundering in a self-made world of hopelessness and fear, and that little or nothing in this life has any guarantee. It is a game of toss, a competitive reality, though many would deny it. It is an illusion, as most of life is… but this is opposed to Western thought… And it is not much of a revelation to most, as this idea is found in the mind of most every man and woman in America… and that depression actually suppresses our survival instincts… Some saying even our immune system…

Let me put it another way, so it might hit home…

All of us, to the very last person, has at time felt the lash of depression. Some are frozen to inaction, and some struggle to move past it. Although the study of this phenomena is extensive, the primary reason for its amazing power over us are most always the same. It becomes manifest in our lives because of what we find, subconsciously or consciously, that we can not control. When we can not find truth, we can not make a viable decision…. and depression takes hold, to fill that void. And this eats at every thinking person to the very quick. What can be more unsettling but to listen to a person of authority, and know emphatically they are lying, or only promoting their agenda, without regard for the dynamic and empowering revelation called truth. Of all of the primary working motivators used as propaganda, nothing has more ability to coerce than the element of fear, and that is why we have been in alert mode since FDR, and why we have had one war after another since WW2. The promotion of fear is very lucrative… History tells us that before WW1 and 2, American sentiment was not to get involved… But we were forced, and after WW2 we have been in one military action after another. What has changed? No, American sentiment is the same, peace and love, and men are blindly voted in promising us the moon, but we soon forget even the promise… Because life goes on, bam, bam, bam! So very optimistic! Next time, we will try again next time…

All of us have known fear. Originally, our Republic based on Law was designed so that we could revel in our differences. Our founders abhorred Church-State, and did everything in their power to protect us from that. No matter what religion, race, or political point of view one might have, one primary element could link us to a common cause, a common denominator, our Constitution. Moments after ratification and the signing of our precious documents, there were those who plotted its undoing. I say this with the strongest voice I can muster, as the very reason for the unraveling of our society, the depressive, lethargic, immoral, and condescension of our children, and society as a whole… as all of it stems from the destruction of our constitutional form of law. In the vacuum of truth, the void needs to be filled, and manipulative propaganda pours in from a top-heavy government who vies to be everything we need from cradle to grave. In the process, we feel depressed, because we are slaves to an out of control system, when our very nature as human beings is to be just the opposite, Libertarians.

Thoughts on Liberty

America is not dead as long as one person has an understanding of the word Liberty. And yet, the word is not understood. Some think the word freedom and Liberty have the same meaning. They are not, in any way. You see, we are not in the freedom movement, but the Liberty Movement. It is up to you to answer that question, you see? It is your responsibility to answer that, not mine. The key is responsibility. You are responsible for your life, and nothing else…

“All we have to fear is fear itself.” Is that true?

We are now in what can only be described as a global community. It pivots around a central concept found on a mint-green spread sheet, a balance of debt and assets. It is, in its finality, the giver of both Liberty (God given) and Slavery (man-given), as designed by those who control the monetary system. Since 1913, that has been the Federal Reserve System. There is a reason why, an emphatic reason hard to conceive or realize, that all Federal Reserve Chairmen are Zionist Jews. They have more power then our own congress, and the reason for this I will describe in part three… Know this, and you can feel it in your chest too… This entity is so powerful, just saying this out loud fills most with fear. Fear, the greatest of all manipulating forces… And while we fear, our country is being sold to international corporations, our gold is gone, and trillions have been stolen from the the Pentagon. There is a reason building seven had to come down… and why we are now 18.3 trillion in debt. Yes, it is a daunting proposition, and responsible for our depressive state of affairs. What changes could you have personally wrought with two trillion dollars created out of thin air, electronically transferred and unaccountable? The Federal Reserve is not an American institution, but something separate… There is nothing Federal about it, and they are not supposed to have any reserve. Power corrupts, the control of money corrupts, and yet we are told to trust the system. What have we become?

“If we define an American as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.” Henry A Wallace quotes

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