Anarcho-Objectivism: A Rational Love Story


By TLB Contributor: Lauren Rumpler.

I’ve recently been taking to the whipping post by the Objectivist Community for coming out as an Anarcho-Objectivist. They send me comments about how A is A and Objectivist is Objectivism. But, an author, Roy A. Childs Jr. gave me the perfect argument against this. His argument is so clear, that it is undeniably rational and proves once and for all that Objectivism is meant to be an anarchist philosophy. It would be nice if someday I don’t have to put the anarcho in front of my Objectivism, but you never know. This is why I think Objectivism is an anarchist philosophy and I hope you will enjoy this article, those of you who are brave enough to be knowledge seekers will enjoy this.

Roy begins his article basically using Aristotle’s excluded middle. This is a great start considering that Ayn Rand stated he was one of two philosophers that were to be respected and she used his metaphysical philosophy to build her entire philosophy. He states that there are only two sides in ethics to any question and they lead to good or evil. He states that there is no middle ground in this. From this he claims that because there is no middle, a smaller government does not make government suddenly good when a large government is clearly evil. It is an “unsuccessful attempt to integrate two mutually contradictory elements: statism and voluntarism.” This violates the excluded middle rule which dictates the fact that A is A. Therefore, the only thing that makes government good is the absence of it, not some contradictory middle.

The second argument he makes is about the use of force. Roy states that the government must either use force or not use force. There is no middle on this issue either. There are two types of force that that government can use: initiatory force and retaliatory force. If the government is to own a monopoly on retaliatory force it must use, or at least threaten to use, initiatory force to keep that monopoly, otherwise it is always open to competition and therefore is not, by definition a government. This makes government innately a coercive monopoly and both coercion and monopolies are morally evil, according to Ayn Rand. This means that intrinsically at any level, government is evil.

I thought these two arguments really sum up the reasons why, if Objectivism is followed to it true logical conclusion, then it is anarchist. Objectivism is above anything, a philosophy of rationality. It would be irrational to ignore the fact that Objectivism itself proves that anarchy is the correct path for the rational society.

If you would like to check out the rest of the article I encourage you to do this. You can find it here and I encourage rational discussion. I am already expecting a lot of heat for being rational from other Objectivists, but it needed to be said. I apologize if my rationality offends you in your worship of Ayn Rand, but I chose Objectivism because I believed in the rationality of the human mind and I know that what I say is the Objective Truth. If the truth offends you, you are better off left in the dark.

Ayn Rand is not my god, she was my mentor and I have used what she taught me to come to this conclusion. In doing this, I am moving Objectivism forward to its rational conclusion.

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