Another Mueller Gaffe – Who Called Whom First – McCabe or General Flynn?

Another Mueller Gaffe – Who Called Whom First – McCabe or General Flynn?

by Joe Hoft

A last minute review of the documentation submitted by the Mueller gang before General Mike Flynn’s sentencing notes that there are two different accounts for who called whom on January 24th before Flynn being confronted by the corrupt FBI in the White House.

An attorney on Twitter pointed out that there is another difference hidden within the multiple pages released by the corrupt Mueller team over the past few days regarding General Flynn’s sentencing.

In one document the Mueller team says corrupt and now fired former FBI Director Andrew McCabe is said to have called General Flynn before sending his FBI goons over to the White House to question the General with hopes of catching him in a lie. Another document however notes that the General was the one who made the call to McCabe.

Margot Cleveland@ProfMJCleveland

Why the difference? How can something so simple be incorrect in one of the biggest cases in US history. The Mueller gang is a group of misfits in so many ways.


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