Answer To Errors Of Daniel Pipes

By: Ceylan Ozbudak

Daniel Pipes, one of the architects of the U.S. strategy of “modernizing the Middle East through military intervention,” set out his “unacceptable views” involving “lovelessness and violence” in his latest article in the Washington Times. Pipes reiterated his “mentally defective” thesis that prolongation of the civil war in Syria and no winner emerging from it would not be the most desirable result for the U.S.

The Aim Is Endless Wars and Terror


According to Pipes, the Middle East must be constantly worn down and weakened by constant wars that nobody wins. All the elements in the Middle East, that Pipes foolishly regards as “satanic forces,” will represent less of a threat to the West so long as they keep fighting among themselves. Pipes raised this thesis to an even more terrible level, ruthlessly suggesting that whichever of the combatants is weaker is the one that should be supported and that any of the sides can thus be prevented from winning.

As evidence for his thesis, Pipes cites Franklin D. Roosevelt’s collaboration with Stalin against Nazi Germany in World War II and the support given by the U.S. to Saddam Hussein in the 1980-1988 Iran Iraq war. In his eyes, Western imperialism must back the weakened Assad until equilibrium is established, after which a cycle of the backing the other side must be set up.

Yet this inhuman and cruel thesis, of “protecting against violence by creating violence,” is illogical, irrational and also diametrically opposed to America’s own interests, stance and values.

Pipes’ Errors

By seeking encouragement of fighting in the Middle East, Daniel Pipes is proposing policies of war, forerunners to the slaughter of guiltless “angelic” children, women, the elderly and the defenseless. These policies of war will do no more than incite hatred and rage.

In a Middle East in a state of peace, the Western world will be able to do business as it likes, and underground resources will be used in security. Pipes should offer rational and logical theses, instead of ones that will involve the Middle East in constant bloodshed, put weapons in the hands of billions all over the world and damage peace and the global economy with methods that will involve tens of thousands of troops everywhere. The establishment of a union in the Middle East, under the leadership of a country such as Turkey, a secular state of law with an advanced democracy, will also suit the interests of America and the West and Israel.

If Daniel Pipes wishes to prevent radicalism, he must realize that this can be done intellectually, must support the strengthening of Turkey, the only country in a position to undertake this intellectual mission and must help a “Union of Middle Eastern Countries” along EU lines, dealing with Turkey in the name of that union. The USA and the whole world will then be able to relax. The method that will put an end to terror and radicalism is the criticism of perverse ideologies with scientific facts and the dissemination of love.

America is a country that has assumed the mission of exporting liberty, peace and democracy to the world. People like Pipes, who propose theses that would limit people’s freedom and space to live, are causing the USA to be falsely and negatively perceived across the world. Pipes is recommending policies that are sufficiently ruthless as to mean the eradication of countries and innocent people in a vast swath of territory in order to defeat those who favor violence. In the same way that violence can never put an end to violence, it will only encourage hatred, rage and terror and cause them to grow still further.

The USA is a country of believers in the Injil and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). The Injil says, “always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else. (I Thessalonians, 5/15) Christianity is opposed to war.

As we have seen, the most rational thing for a country that is a leader of the Christian world to do is to adopt policies of thinkers who wish to build love and peace, rather than those who desire violence and bloodshed.

Evangelicals believe that the Messiah, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in other words, will return to Earth and lead people to the true path, and that peace will thus prevail. In that case, what evangelicals need to do is to respect differences of belief and seek means of drawing closer to Muslims and Jews who believe in the one Allah on the basis of ‘LA ILAHE ILLALLAH.’ What Christians need to do is to make a major effort to fill the world with peace, brotherhood, compassion and love, in the same way they wish to see the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

Radicalism, marginalism and terror grow on the basis of numerous perverse, supposedly scientific and nonsensical philosophies. There is no way of putting an end to terror and violence in the world without putting an end to the feelings of violence in people’s heads. Instead of proposing theses that will just encourage war, Pipes should aim at an intellectual struggle for a philosophy of love that will install peace across the world.

It must not be forgotten that that 20th and 21st centuries were perhaps the darkest time in human history, in which hundreds of millions of people died and peace and tranquility were literally wiped from the face of the world. Terrible experience was acquired during that time that outcomes resulting from peace and negotiation cannot be obtained from war and killing. Therefore, civilized people in our own day but learn from the slaughter caused by war and engage in activity for the building of world peace. Leaders of all the countries in the world and politicians must solve problems “through civilized and humane means” in the age in which we are living.

Islamic Countries Must Strongly Avoid Artificial and Ethnic Divisions

As we have seen, hundreds of negative projects are being fabricated with regard to the Middle East and Islamic countries.

Sinister forces that long for Armageddon and major war in the Middle East, wish to weaken, divide and fragment all the countries in the region, and especially Turkey.

Although the plot against Turkey waged by means of the separatist terror organization seems to have been foiled for now, structures such as autonomy and federation, that mean postmodern division, will merely make the work of people who think like Daniel Pipes very much easier.

The times, climate and circumstances are not such as to be able to bear even the slightest division. What we need to do is to bind tight to one another with a greater self-sacrifice and love, and the most advanced democracy, than ever before, and for believers to establish a union of hearts


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