Anything To Learn From Nature About Microwave Radiation? [Videos]

Anything To Learn From Nature About Microwave Radiation?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Well, for starters, how come birds don’t land, nor perch, on tops of microwave, cell, mast and GWEN towers?

What do birds know and are ‘telling’ us by their actions, which we are not paying attention to, especially since birds, reptiles, and insects use Earth’s magnetic field for navigation? Some think birds have a “built-in GPS” [1] navigation system! It is thought that whales use echolocation. So, we have to wonder if man-made frequencies interfere with Nature’s creatures and all of creation, including us.

Source: Shelley Masters

Is there anything humans—high-tech science, in particular—can and should learn from studying Nature about electromagnetic frequencies, radiofrequencies and, in particular, various microwaves?

Microwaves, if you don’t know, are NOT Nature-produced frequencies; they are man-made.

The human body is an electromagnetic being, which functions on what is known as the Schumann resonance or approximately 7.83 Hertz (Hz). Microwaves operate between 300 Megahertz (MHz) and 300 Gigahertz (GHz), which are between 300,000,000 Hertz (Hz) and 300,000,000,000 Hertz (Hz) per second!

Question: Where are the studies proving safety on human physiology at those per second Hertz frequencies from both thermal and non-thermal radiation?

Some researchers think the Schumann frequency is now around 15 to 25 Hz with even higher spikes. If that truly is the case, can it be that man-made electromagnetics are now impacting Nature? Then there are others working on spiritual paths who think the rising Schumann resonance is indicative of human consciousness rising to higher levels, as Planet Earth travels through parts of the Universe the planet has not been through before. Could that be one of the reasons for weather geoengineering and providing man-made cloud cover preventing clear blue skies?

Do microwave cell towers and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) weather geoengineering sprays containing metallic nanoparticulates, e.g., aluminum chaff in particular, in “chemtrails” work together?


Activists, who understand the physiological impacts and problems microwave technologies thrust upon human health, have put together one of the most informative videos explaining how cell and microwave towers operate [showing 3G and 4G antennas] and the electromagnetic frequencies they output in different directions, which affect human physiology.

In the video below, we hear a Trent University (Canada) professor explain various elements of microwave-operated appliances and cell towers from 10:23 to 22:40 on the timeline—something you really ought to know and understand to realize theunseen impacts upon you and your families. At 22:15 on the timeline, you will hear there are 5 studies indicating effects on humans.

Here’s another video for good measure!

Microwaves also affect growing things: plants and trees.

The Journal of Plant Physiology [2] published the article “Influence of microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation on terpene emission and content in aromatic plants” wherein the following was said:

Microwave irradiation resulted in thinner cell walls, smaller chloroplasts and mitochondria, and enhanced emissions of volatile compounds, in particular, monoterpenes and green leaf volatiles (GLV). These effects were stronger for WLAN-frequency microwaves. [3]

This study talks about tree and other plants damage from microwaves. Have you noticed that trees in direct line of microwaves have proportional damage to their leaves? It’s being called the “Electrobonsai effect.” Moreover, questionable Dutch studies found variations in growth, bleeding and fissures in the bark of western deciduous trees!


Least of all, humans are affected by microwaves, especially from using cell phones and constantly wearing a “live” cell phone, iPhone or smart phone on one’s body and holding it next to one’s ear and face. There’s a law firm dealing with cell phone cancers, if anyone needs to know that information; the attorneys can be contacted at Cell Phone here.

5G millimeter wave technology creates the ultimate dystopia (a community or society that is undesirable or frightening.”) [4]

Millimeter-wave radiation is a “military weapon” and described in this excellent 16 minute video you should not disregard.

Everyone ought to understand the reason(s) for deployment of 5G by 2020 in all NATO nations! What that will mean to you and your family’s health, food, natural environment and surveillance certainly is nothing short of a ‘war’ on Mother Nature and all living things, and be implemented to create a global surveillance gulag.

The military developed 5G as a weapon and gave it to the microwave industry to roll out. All the smart appliances consumers love and are addicted to will spy on you and your household activities and be relayed to BIG BROTHER surveillance agencies via the AMI Smart Meters being forced on to your electric utility service. Now do you know why you cannot opt-out from smart meters?

What are trees telling us this autumn?

Here in southeast Pennsylvania, sycamore trees have lost their leaves without turning their usual golden yellow. They are dark brown and shriveled up on the ground! Everywhere I travel in this region, formerly magnificent sycamore trees are void of leaves in middle October when, in former years their leaves would be a magnificent golden yellow. What’s responsible: microwaves or chemtrails spraying?

In the park-like-setting where I live, we don’t have the birds we used to have waking us up every morning with their beautiful birdsong. As a matter of fact, there are no birds anymore! This past summer, we hardly had any fireflies and no beautiful butterflies; only the small white cabbage butterflies. No gorgeous Monarch butterflies that used to visit both my front and back flower gardens! My flower beds would be visited by hummingbirds—not so this summer!

What are Nature and her creatures telling us? Are we too engaged in all our dumb “smart” microwave-technology stuff even to notice? Is it too late already?

Kate Kheel: 5G, E-Waste, Conflict Minerals, Humanity and the Environment


TLB published this article from where it first appeared at Natural with our thanks to Catherine Frompovich for making it available.

About the writer: Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

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