AP Journalist Claims Migrant Caravan Never Happened [Video]

AP Journalist Claims Migrant Caravan Never Happened


The liberal media pundits are contradicting themselves more and more every day. They deny anything that goes against the agenda that they are pushing at that moment. Did you know that according to an AP reporter, the widely reported Honduras migrant caravan apparently “never happened?” This is according to AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire.

Ironically, on Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC Live with Katy Tur, Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire claimed that the sizeable migrant caravan that set out from Honduras in October 2018 never arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to Lemire, the Trump administration made it all up. So, the rest of the liberal media, the Trumpadmi, and over half of the country imagined and conspired against Hondurans, right?

Lemire’s statement contradicted press reporting about the caravan, which was widely documented as having reached America’s southern border shortly after the 2018 midterm elections.

The New York Times, who admits to being a bias against Trump, admits that the caravan was “widely reported.”

The New York Times wrote:

“The long line of men and women waded into the muddy waters of the Suchiate River. Holding onto a rope, they pulled themselves over the invisible line dividing Guatemala and Mexico. Others crossed with their babies and young children on crowded rafts built with tires.

I watched this flood of humanity on Oct. 20, and by the time the sun set, thousands had made it over the border to continue the march northward. Even more crossed in the following days, reinforcing the caravan of the desperate and determined that is shaking governments from Honduras to Washington.”

Additionally, during the short segment, Tur also claimed that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: “4,000 terrorists are apprehended at the border every day.” In reality, Sanders claimed on Fox & Friends this morning that 4,000 known or suspected terrorists had been caught by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in all of 2018.

Katy Tur, known for her constant bashing of Trump and his administration allowed Lemire to make these demonstrably false claims without correcting him. Why, because it was what her listeners wanted to hear. Even though that know it was all lies.

USA Today also reported that the migrant caravan actually happened.

USA Today wrote:

“An estimated 7,200 Central American migrants marching toward the United States are defying borders, law officers and America’s president, whose repeated threats have failed to shake their quest for asylum at America’s southern border.

Calling it “an assault,” President Donald Trump said he would send as many troops to the border “as necessary” to stop the migrants’ caravan, which on Tuesday was at least 1,100 miles from the nearest U.S.-Mexico border entry in McAllen, Texas.”

Why would Trump send troops to the southern border to stop a caravan that doesn’t exist? Here is the thing, if the world knows the caravan happened, why would a White House reporter contradicting himself, and his publication, and claim the caravan was “made up?”

The liberal media is so desperate for views that they resort to more lying. With just a little research, anyone can prove this “reporters” claims are false.


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About the writer:

James Ledbetter

James Ledbetter

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James Ledbetter is an American journalist with more than 15 years of experience in a variety of newsroom settings. After covering crime and other beats for Blasting News for many years, he currently serves as a contributor at Western Free Press. He has also been a regular guest writer for Western Journal. He lives in Vellore, India with his wife.


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