11 Comments on Are Covid Vaccines Engineered to Disable Our Immune Systems?

  1. If one were to believe that the covid campaigns ultimate goal is depopulation: the first dose would delete those with the weakest immune
    system. Each subsequent dose would delete others, in stages, as further doses weaken their immunune systems. Australian Government has ordered enough doses for 2022 to inject all australians at least three times. More doses have been ordered for 2023. We know covid is not a killer for over 99% of us – the only reason to keep on injecting stuff into people is to slowly weaken their immunity,,,

  2. I have not been jabbed.
    My elderly mother got her second jab Feb. 6th. A few days later I experienced a re-expression of shingles, and a swelling of my prostate which I attributed to a temporary re-expression of my dormant prostate cancer. My guess is that these adverse events were due to the phenomena of spike protein shedding that somehow transmitted the poison from my Mom to myself when I hugged her.

  3. This post has solidly convinced me that accepting the (Moderna)COV2 vaccine was premature and unwise. I fear I am now vulnerable to many infections I could formerly resist.

    One infectious process I am still immune to is STUPIDITY being promoted by Biden and Co.

  4. The other day I heard VP Pence on the Ben Shapiro show. Pence explained that he and trump met with the big Pharma vaccine companies. They asked how long until a vaccine is ready. Pharma said, 5-7 years. They offered pharma immunity and a promise to buy all the vaccine if it was proven unsafe. 8 months later sheeple were falling all over themselves to take the jab.

  5. So this is the end result of the “vaccine” push. Most everyone getting the “jab” will die of other disease and cancer, thus “plausible” deniability as to being the cause of death and the world population will be reduced to “their” wishes.

  6. @jfhdsiu … care to explain what you are talking about … ??? We personally go over every comment prior to approval to protect this site (necessary). Sometimes a comment comes in when we are sleeping or busy with other tasks and may take some time for approval … I guess that gives someone a chance to get frustrated and make abusive and bullshit comments! Have a nice day !!!

  7. How can an honest site tout FREEDOM as it’s goal when, at the same time they are practicing ‘freedom denying’ communistic CENSORSHIP of “free speech”?
    Answer… They CAN’T!

  8. YES. Yes they were.. You poor slaves who took the vaccines are now SUB-citizens beholding to the people, (ENSLAVED to the people), who have the chemical concoctions to counter the effects of the original chemical concoction you took. You poor, poor, dying fools. I pity you, BUT!!! You ARE adults… Right?

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