Are You Prepared for the Coming Civil War?

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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

Everyday, seven days a week, I am sent a constant stream of eyewitness accounts which exemplify what I have been saying for three years. Following a precipitating incident, presumably a false flag incident, martial law will be imposed upon the American people. Very quickly following the implementation of martial law and the removal of almost all resistance as to what will follow, World War III will commence. There will likely be an intervening variable and that is civil war. That is why the foreign troops are on our soil. This is why Obama has purged over 260 senior military officers during his tenure as president. Not all American military forces will be on board with the planned tyranny. Hence, America will have a civil war. Much of what I am receiving points to an anticipated civil war by the powers that be.

This article is designed to portray one example, each, of several categories of information that I received on a daily basis which points to a coming civil war.  Today’s categories include an example of an every-growing awakened populace who are preparing for extreme government tyranny and possible civil war. This will be accompanied by a striking display of heavy armor movement and a very disturbing trend in which we are witnessing. In short, these events point to an anticipated civil war and my email has become a type of clearing house for these types of reports.

Preparing for the Revolution In Gaston County, NC.

Channel 9 News, in Gaston, CO, NC., ran a detailed story about three men who had prepared their homes for federal agent intrusion which would be designed to take their guns in what they anticipated would be a massive gun confiscation program ordered by President Obama.

The three accused men were arrested and charged with making bombs and planning to do harm to federal agents. The fact of the matter is that the three men, who weaponized their homes, were only interested in defending their property from unlawful gun confiscation.

Two of the three men face five years in prison and the leader faces 10 years in prison.

Interestingly, the news report brought up Jade Helm and its martial law intentions and linked this variable to the men’s desire to protect their homes from the federal government.

Interestingly, I think this marks the early signs of a public escalation of extreme apprehension on the part of private citizens, particularly veterans, and how they perceive the Obama administration. How many of these incidents does there have to be until we recognize that we are on a collision course with civil war? Civil war is something that has dominated the thinking of Michael Savage as he recently released a book entitled, Stop the Coming Civil War!

Michael Savage

Mothballs Or Combat?

Southwest of Texarkana, a lonely country road has amassed over 300 military vehicles, lining both sides of the road off of Hwy 67.  There are some trolls who have criticized my previous reports on massive troop and equipment movements around the country, and in every state, by stating that this is only the result putting our decommissioned forces into mothballs. Since when does when the implementation of mothballs for decommissioned military equipment include the lining up of tanks, side-by-side, on a lonely country road? This is more than likely an anticipated combat deployment operation.

It is clear that this is a combat operation as the composition of this stationary convoy is about combat, not mere suppression of civil unrest following a declaration of martial law, resulting in civil war.

The Increasing Prevalence of Medical Trucks

I am increasingly concerned because I am being sent a disproportionate number of photos and videos which display the shipping of medical trucks which are designed to transport battlefield casualties. Logically, where there are medical casualty transport trucks, there are anticipated BATTLEFIELD casualties. And when there are a large number of these vehicles, one would rightly assume that there would be a corresponding increase in anticipated casualties. In the current context, this speaks to civil war.

Hello Dave,

I am writing you today because I’m very concerned with all the military activity I see! I’m a truck driver and at every truck stop I go to I see trucks loaded with all kinds of things.

I was recently in Jarrell, TX. and saw a convoy and finally got to speak to them in the truck stop… Not a one of them was older than 21 and the only patch they had was a ” tough hombre” patch. So I asked them where they were going they said Fort Hood. When I asked them what they were doing they got real figidy… I think they are really scared!! Anyway Thanks for all u do here are some pics!

Mark Meredith

medic trucks

medic trucks 3


Fox News Radio Host, broadcasting on 1450AM, KNUS, St. George Utah.

I recently encapsulated many of these events into a brief 30 minute radio interview, on August 14th, as I was interviewed by Kate Dalley of Fox News Radio (KZNU) in which I summed up the current state of affairs with regard to malls with guard towers, foreign troops on our soil whose purpose is to enforce martial law and I provided a Jade Helm update.  We also discussed the possibilities of World War III following an economic collapse. September and October of this year could prove very interesting.


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  1. The best way to be prepared for the coming Civil War is to not be here for it. Move to Costa Rica, Ecuador or somewhere safe before it starts ASAP.

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