by Rick Wells

The Calif sanctuary state laws were addressed by the City of Costa Mesa, CA, with the city libtards given an earful by patriots in attendance. Smug elitists were visibly…

On May 1st libtards running the City of Costa Mesa, CA held a public hearing in their city council chambers addressing the issue of the state’s sanctuary law, SB-54, and whether to take an official stance in favor of or opposed to the unconstitutional law and to allow input from the community. The smug elitists on the council, including the schoolmarm mayor, got more than they bargained for from patriots in attendance.

The video begins with one of the city council members, Katrina Foley, making an illegal request that each speaker declare what community they are from before they speak. Too bad for her the patriots associated with Grindall61 know their rights and shut down that attempt to interfere with free speech immediately.

After calling out the hypocrisy of the council on the illegal squatter issue, the lady in the blue dress offers the elitist Foley a free education in the progression of sanctuary city crime, breaking the news to her that most criminals don’t start out as murders and rapists, that they work their way up to major crimes. It’s progressive, like being a Democrat.

She asks why it’s not better to allow federal authorities to remove the illegals before they reach the violent stage. It’s a good question, one that she doesn’t receive an answer to, in fact, the arrogant libtard won’t even look at her, doing her best to express her disdain through her body language for the pro-American speaker she’s being forced to endure.

The speaker says, “We’ve got some very ignorant council members up there that need to actually learn the law.” As she continues speaking Foley holds her hand over her ear in some direct messaging that she doesn’t want to hear what the woman has to say. The speaker sarcastically apologizes when Foley complains of her volume, telling her it’s a serious issue and to “listen up” anyway.

As she’s being scolded, Foley laughs visibly to herself in yet another act of deliberate disrespect towards the patriots who came to speak their minds. The speaker ends by giving a rebuke to the manipulators at the ACLU and a resounding endorsement of President Trump, noting that it was his standing up for the American citizens that sparked the backlash to their leftist takeover of California and America.

The beetle-munching sanctuary schoolmarm mayor and Foley cackle back and forth to each other about how outrageous the conduct is of those uppity patriots as the speaker makes her way to her seat.

The Gentleman that follows her introduces himself with his name and identifies as a resident of the United States, informing the council that he likewise knows the law and won’t be volunteering any community of residence information.

He then addresses the issue of open borders and that a truly open border is open on both sides and in both directions. He asks if the Mexicans are going to simply allow the drugs from the US to enter and [people to] take up residence simply by demanding it or releasing foreign criminals into their population after they’ve served their sentences.

Given the fact that Mexico defends their border and would never agree to such a destructive policy he asks why Americans should be expect to do so.  After closing with an excellent point about those who bring God into the discussion, the libtard controllers threaten again to clear the room if their mandated silence is not “properly observed.”

Two things liberals love doing are imposing their will on others and shutting down the free speech of patriots or anyone else that disagrees with them.


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