Attack On Kansas Veteran By Federal Agents – Where’s the Corporate Media?

This attack on a veteran by the federal agents is happening in Kansas! Where is the corporate media?

krisanne-hall-1Contributed to TLB by: KrisAnne Hall

Federal Judge J. Thomas Marten is REFUSING to allow this man to use State Law to defend his actions.

Phone: 316-315-4300
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Email: [email protected]

I contacted his office to register a complaint. How many others will? Where is the corporate media?

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is refusing to defend the State laws that make the actions of these federal agents ILLEGAL!

Contact Schmidt’s office and register your complaint:

(785) 296-2215

Here is Jeremy’s story. Where is the corporate media???

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My name is Jeremy. I’m 28 years old, a soon to be stepfather, and the oldest of ten kids. I’m also a disabled veteran.

I served my country for eight years. I’ve gone to war for my country, and I’ve loved my country. The newest thing I may have to add to my life experience is being falsely accused of committing a felony. If I’m wrongfully convicted, I’ll never be able to legally hold a firearm again, I can’t defend my family, hunt, and I’ll be giving up one of my lifelong passions.

For believing and following the laws of the State of Kansas, I now find myself wrongfully accused in federal court, for complying with Kansas law.

Kansas passed Senate Bill 102, which went into effect April 25, 2013. This statute is called, The Second Amendment Protection Act. In that bill, then Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach and Governor Sam Brownback ensured that firearms and firearm accessories made within the State of Kansas were legal to be sold and traded within state borders.

The law also went as far as to add that any federal agent infringing on those rights was committing a level 10 Non-Person felony.

A local army surplus storeowner started making firearm suppressors pursuant to the new law. He was still in the early stages of developing his product, and he said I could try out a prototype, just to test. I ended up making a review video for him that I uploaded to Youtube.

A few months later, his shop was raided by the federal ATF. To my shock, it appears by all accounts this Kansas law doesn’t really afford any rights, nor any protections as stated.

I was later interrogated by an agent with the ATF. He got right to the point of demanding that I turn over the suppressor. I informed him that the product had become faulty, and I had thrown it away. I then informed him of KS SB 102, which he angrily advised gave me no protection.

I learned that the ATF also questioned 13 other individuals who had at some point been in possession of the same product, and that was acquired through the same business owner. The ATF retrieved suppressors from about four or five of the 13 other individuals, including a few local law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers that bought them went uncharged.

Despite a Kansas law assuring me that I could do exactly what I did, the Feds are now indicting me, and I find myself in the middle of a power struggle between Federal and State authorities.

I began my defense by contacting Governor Brownback, the attorney general, and also spoke with my district Senator, Caryn Tyson.

I was advised by the governor’s office “to seek legal counsel.” I don’t need any more legal counsel. I need to know why the state is setting up its citizens to be prosecuted by the United States of America. ALL Kansas lawmakers who passed this law are completely missing in action.

Yesterday, (Oct. 26, 2016) I had a pre-trail motion hearing where the United States Prosecutor asked the federal judge to bar my lawyer from telling my jury why I felt I could legally possess a suppressor. Any reference to the Kansas statute that I relied on to possess the suppressor was deemed “irrelevant” by the judge, and barred from my defense.

At this point the Kansas authorities that passed the law saying I could possess a suppressor have turned their back, while the federal authorities have barred my ability to tell my jury my defense.

What is happening needs to be brought to light. If they can do this to me, AN HONORABLY DISCHARGED DISABLED VETERAN, with no prior record – A man who has ALWAYS followed the law – then who else can they abuse in this power play between federal and state authorities?

Our country was founded on the principles of the rights of the individual. I suffered hearing loss in war, so a suppressor simply helped save the only hearing I have left. The State of Kansas passed a law saying not only could do what I did, the state said it would PROSECUTE any federal agent that interfered.

Today, I know that was just meaningless bravado, because every state agent from Brownback, to Kobach, to every lawmaker that passed the empty and impotent law, has done NOTHING to help. Today I stand FALSELY accused of federal felony crimes, when all I did was RELY on what the Kansas law said.

As I write this today, the federal judge won’t even let me refer to the very law that put me in this position at my trial. My jury is barred from being told the truth. All I hear from the people in positions of power is this, “Gee, that’s unfortunate. Get a lawyer.”

I have a lawyer, who is doing all he can. He is now hog-tied by the federal judge. This is the America I put my life on the line for? I had no idea.

Lawmakers, including the state Senate, have to be consistent with the laws that they enact. They have to protect the citizens of Kansas who rely on what they write.

I now may lose everything I’ve worked to achieve. My family, my freedom, and most importantly my good name.
My crime? Doing what the Kansas law said I could do. This has to stop. It has to stop today.

God bless.


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  1. I’d hit up Kris Kobach again. His name has been brought up by Trump to handle immigration.
    If he wants to be considered for any position with DJT, he doesn’t want your story (in its current state) attached to him.
    Peace, and good luck!

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