Backdoor Amnesty: Just Another Progressive Agenda to Cry About

Ken 02By: Ken LaRive, TLB Contributor.

Every day on the hill a handful of patriots fight for what is left of America. Some who are close enough to see the enemies’ eyes are now suggesting that in reality, America is already dead, that what we witness around us is nothing more than an illusion, the last rasp of our Republic’s breath, a bubble poised to implode. To the beltway insider, what happens on both sides of the isle is nothing more than a dog and pony show, like a predetermined wrestling match. It becomes evident when we hear them say, “We must take back America.” Take back means that America no longer belongs to “we the people”, if indeed it ever has since the civil war and the 14th amendment. Most likely we completely relinquished our country to an external force as far back as 1913, with the Federal Reserve Act.

The powers who have orchestrated this mélange, are now in complete control, and is the virtual pulse of the White-house, culminating for decades. They, Progressives and their Neocon counterparts, vie to finish us off as a Constitutional Republic once and for all, and are amazingly successful by a constant, unrelenting and unremitting battering, a pounding designed to finally sever the American spinal cord, and with it, complete paralysis of liberty. Our constitution is null and void, our bill of rights ignored, and because of that our individual privacy is now in their hands, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it but cry. Just this week it was found that our personal records were sent to Israel by the NSA as far back as 1996, and we can only shake our heads, and suffer to ask why. How can it be that our own CIA and Massad, our so-called ally, would and could emerge… to spy on American citizens as one entity. And how can they get away with that? How in the world can we ever trust them again? How can we trust men with duel citizenship as congressmen and senators? Men who fight the abolishment of term limits?

They know that to divide is to conquer, and that information is a source of supreme power.  It is an historical paradigm, a scientific certainty, and this is why government institutions have created the great divisions, the have and the have not, the righteous and the dammed, black against themselves and all others, Muslim against the Jew, the Jewish promotion of Christian white guilt, the Hispanic jealousy, and the list is infinite, and as we all collectively founder in fear, and repressed uncertainty based on propaganda and lies, our country is being sold to the highest bidder. And no matter how hard we try to shore up our borders, by constitutional law, from overt invaders who benefit from tax-paid welfare, from food stamps to fee medical, they continually breach our permeated wall as desperadoes hungry for their piece of the pie before the final collapse, and it isn’t just from Roman Catholics out of  Mexico, but every culture around the world.

As the populous is primed for fall football, our monetary system is being diluted by an unaccountable Federal Reserve, a system that has stolen our gold reserve, created toxic assets and well-hidden debentures with their international banking co-conspirators, and in that progressive process, bailed them out with our children’s future, as we are now enslaved by a debt that can never be paid. A debt so great that soon we will not be able to pay even the interest, and it is by far, with all intent and purpose, the biggest heist of all time. And in that well orchestrated mindset of a process, profit above all else, a New World Order is being created to displace what is left of America.

Those who are now awake try to organize, but hundreds of similar organizations spring up wanting to be the one-true avenue for liberty, and in the process the effort is nullified. In the mix, some of these organizations are merely  trolls, designed to confuse issues and weaken resolve, as admitted by George Sorros. Even the Tea Party is affected, as it is used to promote Muslim hatred, Evangelical Zionism, the military industrial complex, and the Federal Reserve. This infiltration was evident at the RNC, as new spur-of the moment last minute rules inhibited forever any grass root effort within the party. And as we attempt to put out new fires with our fearfully alienated and motivated voices, our intrinsic “chicken-little” leftist mindsets peep for hope and change, and in the process trusting without homework, truth is silenced into submission by an empire of lies. Without the teeth of a definitive goal, a unifying standard, we are inundated by hundreds more, and pounded day and night from all sides by a barrage of far-reaching and powerful-gripping tentacles. Tentacles that push and pulls us from groin to gut to heart to mind, and holds us in place like a vice of self-polished chains.   Frozen, and unable to respond, we succumb to what can only be described as slavery of the spirit. And that is the most inhumane, the most blatant, the most unforgivable transgression of all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       There is only a handful who are for the primary good America and not their back pocket in Washington, and they are ineffective without the push of patriots at their back. And since most all could care less, we watch from the sidelines as our Constitution and civil liberties are shredded right under our noses. We fight windmills of well orchestrated smoke and mirrors by a group of individuals who now call themselves “progressives.” And as we brace of another war, the addition of another 2 trillion in national debt , a staggering 20 trillion ceiling, money is printed out of thin air to keep them in power. No matter how many times it is voted NO, or protested, their counter efforts are unrelenting, and with time a weakness is finally found to make it manifest, usually during a holiday, or in the dead of night. It is in the shadows of the night where our country is dismantled and undermined, from board room to whore house. It is traitorous, and treason of the worst kind. It is the deliberate destruction of our American sovereignty, with a debt slavery to keep us complacent and afraid.  And what can we do but cry?

This very minute, as I write this, 9/19/2013, the Progressive Obama administration and their lackeys found on both sides of the isle are working up continuing plans for a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill, paving the way for a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens. What will not be discussed in the progressive-owned media, is what we as a nation will forfeit in that process. They are proposing to  make new law by another Presidential mandate. Some myopic ideas, out of frustration and fear, are suggesting patriots to, “saddle up,” and though that thought must be some category of metaphor, it does suggest the use of some variety of violence. Some have recently ridden their bikes through downtown Washington in protest of the previous Muslim march for civil rights. They thought it a travesty that they could not get a permit for police escort,  and that was the only issue reported in the press. Now we hear of truckers who want a remonstration by blocking roads, a protest about Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional acts. But blocking roads and “paralyzing” commerce is not the same as non- compliance, and will further exacerbate our already tumult economy.

Pounded from every side, our Constitution is dissolved, and men on bikes are found to be jealous of .08 of the population who want civil liberties? How amazingly short sighted, and putty in their hands as they  laugh all the way to the bank, or pocket some gift from a lobbyist. There are a million coffins and FEMA Camp bunks waiting for you boys, and you will have to fight the Muslims first along with blacks and illegal aliens fresh out of prison, before you can concentrate on them. You will have to fight armchair feminist too, and mommies who think we have millions of hungry babies that need food stamps an Wick, savvy lawyers who feed on ciaos, and what is left of unions who hasn’t yet seen the true impact of Obama Care. What a cosmic joke, and the joke is on you America, who actually bets on a fixed wrestling match. How in the world could you be so easily fooled? Sure, we are told who the real traitors are, and they are fingering both you and me. We are the potential terrorists, and Roman Catholics are now on the list along with the KKK and radical Islam. Israel can do as they damned well please, so long as the price of weapons remain constant with inflation. So long as there is a profit to be made stealing land and resources. So long as phosphor bombs are still paid for by the American tax dollar. Perhaps it isn’t just an education lacking here in America, maybe something more than laziness, perhaps it is your inability to cope in a world of accountability and responsibility, and you need that big brother hand to feed you peanuts.

The current illegal alien debate is a charade, a dog and pony show, and a ploy to deceive the American people is amazingly effective.  It is designed to be so complex, so well hidden in the folds of rewritten laws and statutes, it will render the enforcement of our current immigration laws null and void. It is complex, because it actually takes an amount of IQ and volition to understand it, and America is sorely lacking in that… Without men like Ran Paul, Senator Jeff Sessions, and organizations like F.A.I.R., Federation for Immigration Reform, there would be no stopping it. Let’s just hope they are all good looking, so Americans will like their work.

The following is a link that will give you an eye-opening time-line for what can only be considered a traitorous conspiracy. Judicial Watch has published a time-line from January 29th, 2009, where Napolitano delayed E-Verify with a U.S. Chamber of Commerce lawsuit, to our current situation where the Obama Administration used a “sequester” to justify the release of Criminal Illegal immigrants.

On June 17th, 2013, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the leader of the anti-amnesty Senators, exposed the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill to be a flagrant disregard of our current immigration law. Senator Sessions sited Department of Homeland Security documents whose release was forced by Judicial Watch. It proved that DHS has abandoned background checks on illegal aliens. On the floor, Senator Sessions stated: “So in effect… we’re moving people without background checks that are criminals, [and] may be connected with terrorist organizations, from the shadows to broad daylight with absolute protection of legal immigration status.”


“For the past four years the Obama administration has been engaged in a conspiracy led by President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton, to achieve amnesty for illegal aliens whether Congress acts on legislation or not.” -Judicial Watch

Please read “Federation for American Immigration Reform” for a time line of the Obama administration’s four year-long conspiracy to grant amnesty to illegal aliens by dismantling enforcement of our laws against it.

Author’s note: Lafayette Louisiana’s economy is probably the best in the nation. If you are unemployed here it is probably because you don’t want or need to work. We have more millionaires per kappa than any other city in the nation, and oil field service companies and the medical profession is the backbone. With this said…

Yesterday I spoke to a woman who worked at a nearby gas station. She told me how hard it was to make a buck. She reveled to me in the course of a conversation that she had never voted, because she thought her vote didn’t matter. In the apex of the conversation she told me she indeed saw changes, just as Obama had promised. She said he offered her a stimulus check, and she thought it would have been $1500.00, but Bobby Jindal refused it. I wasn’t offered a check, I told her. I asked her where the money for that check would be coming from, and she said, “The Government.” I then asked her where the Government got that money, and she looked at me with a blank expression. “The money comes from you and me by taxes.” I said. She then told me she went to the emergency room several nights ago for a cold, and they gave her a cortisone shot, with a script for sinus medicine, and as she was about to leave she was presented with a bill for 150 dollars. I laughed so hard on my way out, and all the way to my car, and I’m still tickled pink. She just could not see the humor in it at all. Yep. Obama promised change for the sake of change, and all that free stuff is now being questioned, as we are finally broke. “Oh, you think it is bad now? What until you have to pay for Obama Care.” I said. “It is going to come right out of your check.”

No wonder we need minimum wage to go up. But then, one has to ask, what would it take for that woman to go on the dole? I’d say Obama Care is a sure bet.


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