Badness: How Do We Deal With It?

BadnessBy: TLB Contributor: L. Femine

There’s so much badness going on, I wanted to make this commentary about goodness. That is, without getting religious; this is just life stuff.

First of all, most of us are basically good. It’s the few that are not so good that are making all the trouble. And even they are not really bad; they just act bad because they think they have to in order to live.  That sounds very weird, I know, but it’s actually the way these globalists think – and others like them.

While most of us are good and want peace and harmony, with only a small, occasional outbreak of badness (for variety), isn’t it logical to see that we, as the majority, can outwit the baddies? I chose that word “outwit” carefully because if we play their game of “defeating” or “destroying”, then we are done; we are playing THEIR game and will never win. That is, if we choose the harmful definitions or implications of those words.

Let’s look at that. If they can get us all riled up and hateful, they can point at us and say – See, they’re bad! Let’s kill them! Then our majority status is lost. Some will die; some will join them out of contagion of hate and fear.

Walking_in_the_Clouds_II_by_Miztliyuma[1]The word “overcome” isn’t bad, actually quite good because the concepts of effort and win are imbedded in it’s definition. Life definitely takes some sweating. But the reward is not to lie around on a cloud. I don’t know who came up with that lame image but it seems to me more like hell – which can be defined as nothing to do and no purpose or challenge in sight. Like retirement.

I don’t have statistics at hand but I’ve heard the majority of people who retire to their porch and morning crossword puzzle die not long after. From boredom? Maybe that’s the diagnosis the doctors never get to. The underlying cause. They’re looking for squiggly changes in cells when it’s really the spirit that’s sick.

But getting back to badness, do we need to fight against it? YES, WE DO. The main concept I’m pointing out, though, is sometimes we need to sit back (on that same porch but not for long) and examine – what are we fighting FOR?  And not succumb to just “fighting.” Like the dog who barks at any pair of feet he hears walking by.

Actually I’m talking about ammunition – but not from guns, bombs or Alex Jones screaming at us to WAKE UP! YOU’RE GONNA DIE! Don’t get me wrong, I think Alex is a true patriot; he just scares the hell out of me – kind of in the same way the globalist do, I have to say.

image310-200x224[1]For example, I remember one day, while listening to Alex rant (I thought – is he having a heart attack??), I had one ear on my front door, wondering if there were any black-outfitted cops out there with rifles, wearing cages on their heads.

Another time, after watching a scary video, I was inclined to go out and look at my mailbox to see if there were any red or blue stickers on it. Red means FEMA will kill you outright; blue means you will be taken to a FEMA camp and killed eventually. By the way, yellow means you’re clueless and, therefore, can be trained to behave. However, according to, these stickers are for newspaper delivery people to tell how often you are to receive the papers. So you see, fear-mongering has many avenues.

There weren’t any stickers on my mailbox but can you see how attention can get stuck on terror and fear and you forget to feed the cat or water the plants? Or plan for the future? I’m talking about a future YOU want, not a future they are planning for us, one which you have to alter your plans to avoid. When we were young, we didn’t create a future that said – gee, I can’t wait to live in a mountain hole, wondering where my next meal is coming from or if I’ll live through the night!

rr1b7q[3]I’ve wondered recently if this is why these oppressors allow us to read and watch all the warnings of doom just ahead and know all their “secrets.” Does it do the job for them? I certainly don’t mean all of these sites – not The Liberty Beacon, which is why I write for them. But others are just pure fear-producers with their ominous music and death images. And then they sell you survival seeds.

If we only  imagine foxholes to live in, surrounded by barbed wire and posted guards with shotguns, then that is what we will have, despite what THEY are creating…or undoing – that seems like a more accurate term. They are trying to undo our goals and dreams, our families, our country.  You see, these oppressive people are incapable of true creation; they just take our creations and work hard to destroy them. They are afraid of us – like the bully in school who stole your lunch. Their ability to think rationally is no higher than that and gets worse as time and paranoia goes on.

power-of-persistence[1]We can outwit the badness by keeping our dreams alive, by strengthening them, sharing them, “watering” them with our own visions. I’m not talking airy-fairy. A leaf can grow through concrete, remember? In the same way (really) your mind, with the same sense of beauty and persistence, can keep creating life, without skipping too many beats.

So, we don’t ignore the dangers. We deal with them any way we have to. But we still dream; our strength grows from that. They don’t know how to overcome that kind of force.

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