Barack Obama’s 1 MILLION Acre Federal Land Grab


Flying under the proverbial radar, but something that should concern any who think Big Government should not be allowed to continue getting bigger,  is the rapid pace at which the Obama administration is gobbling up lands and putting it under the control of the federal government. Currently Barack Obama has used the 108 year old  Antiquities Act to shift a million acres over to the Feds, with likely intent to do so several more times before his second term expires.


The above photo is one such land grab moment when Barack Obama traveled to California’s Tehachapi Mountains to celebrate the new designation of hundreds of thousands of acres as “protected” lands. The area was home to communist labor movement leader Cesar Chavez and the place where Chavez ruled over an odd, cult-like compound with tactics he learned from his mentor, Saul Alinsky.


Yes, the same community organizing Saul Alinsky whose ideas spawned the political careers of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, among many others who now make up the “progressive/communist” Democratic Party.  And like most socialist/communist leaders, Chavez despised the very working class he claimed to represent. His United Farm Workers were forced to toil for 12-14 hours for just five dollars a day under horrible conditions. Chavez described these people to his own inner circle as “dogs”, easily replaceable and in the scheme of his own dreams of increased power, of little actual value. As he grew older, Chavez’s paranoia and obsessive behavior increased as the labor leader barricaded himself in his La Paz compound deep in the Tehachapi Mountains and initiated a series of mandatory mind control programs he called “games.” These were meant to break apart a person’s sense of individuality, and make them more able to simply be part of a single-purpose collective, which for Chavez also meant they would never question his authority over them.


This is the location for a cult leader’s home that Barack Obama issued both a monument and protected lands designations to, and it is but one of several examples. In eight years, George W. Bush made six protected federal land designations. In six years, Obama has done so thirteen times, nine of which have come in his second term. While the nation looks to EBOLA and ISIS fears, President Obama declared 350,000 acres outside Los Angeles to now be under the control of the federal government with rumors of another significant land grab in the works for the oil rich lands of North Dakota.

You know, it seems this administration’s obsessive desire for more land and power over others is rather, dare I say…cult like.


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