Behind the Curtain: Syria, Russia, America & Saving Face …

NM413600_a_306869c[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

The world is a stage and reality is but a puppet show. The main actors (puppets) are the global powers, and the oligarchical elite are the puppet masters, those who control the strings. But even those who would consider themselves omnipotent in this elaborate production occasionally experience events beyond their control.

When we look at the situation in Syria we perceive a struggle for dominance between two factions, the USA and her allies who feel that the world should behave in a fashion prescribed by them, and Russia and her allies who feel threatened by the imperialistic expansion of America and her minion supporters. While on the surface this may be the case, as our leaders jockey for global position from what seems a point of advantage … In reality it is an entirely different story …

Presidents address this nation in times of celebration, tradition and crisis. If in crisis it is their task to present the facts to We The People in a fashion we can comprehend and make a case for perusing a specified course of action be it economic, humanitarian or war. We as a people trust by assumption that we are being given the facts, the truth so we may come to a logical conclusion concerning the issue at hand … NOT!

On occasion the curtain falls at a most inopportune time and reality is reveled. This is one such occasion. Attached you will find a video describing an incident that occurred recently. You heard nothing of this from our president and you never will. But this event may just have shaped his actions and what he is communicating to the American people. If you are a product of the cold war then you will understand that it is a sad day in America when a Russian president feels compelled to leverage an American president into a logical and moral course of action.

Please watch this video and take from it what you will. Believe it, or not, but understand how quickly we went from a MUST strike stance (with or without UN or Congressional approval) to a “we have a solution” stance, Understand that our presidents handlers (puppet masters) cannot be happy about this! There is a good possibility WE ARE BEING LIED TO  …  AGAIN!

Obama Lied-Russia Shot Down 2 U.S. Missiles Fired From NATO Base in Spain At Syria

See original video here:

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