Benghazi: Hillary, “It’s Time to Move On” – Grieving Widow Doesn’t Agree!


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

These are the words of a career politician steeped in the continuing controversy over the Benghazi fiasco.

These are the words of a (was) high ranking government administrator caught in blatant lies to the American people concerning a YouTube video.

These are the words of a puppet within the Executive branch under fire for inaction over the unnecessary deaths of four Americans!

These are the words of a callous individual who ignored pleas for upgraded security from an Ambassador who foresaw this exact scenario.

These are the words of someone who represented the same leaders who gave the “Stand Down” order that facilitated their deaths.

These are the words of an elitist who feels that even though she was ultimately responsible for all that went on during her watch … She should NOT be held responsible.

These are the words of someone who wishes to be our next President … Will she bring the same callous elitist attitude, neglect, excuse-mongering, buck-passing  and outright dishonesty to this highest office?

But what she cannot do in all her arrogance, is tell those who continue to suffer the pain of loss directly due to her ineptitude “It’s Time To Move On” … !!!

How the hell can she possibly know when it is time to move on … for the families of slain Americans, or for any of us who see the deception, lies and subterfuge so blatantly? Or do we need to move on because Benghazi is a serious thorn in the side of her political campaign?

If you or I would have failures in our professional interactions, even minutely small in comparison, we would be fired or legal actions brought against us so fast our heads would spin, and we would spend a lifetime trying to recover.

But the caste of oligarchical elitists that rule America today is both outside the same laws we are held to, and above reproach … at least in their eyes.

The saddest part is the voice of We The People is not strong enough to break through this programmed tyranny … YET!

Attached you will find a short intro and a video whereby you will see the reaction of one who has lost a loved one to this ‘Preventable’ tragedy, she does not feel it is time to move on and has no problems relating her feelings.



Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 7.09.56 PM

Not everyone agrees with Hillary Clinton’s assertion that it’s “time to move on,” and that includes Dr. Dorothy Woods, widow of one of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attack.

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