Biden’s Food Conference to Push Environmental Extremism

Biden’s Food Conference to Push Environmental Extremism

Washington Examiner

The Biden administration should ensure the correct focus of a conference it will host next Wednesday on food-related issues such as nutrition and access to food.

The primary focus of this food conference, especially when Americans are suffering through food prices not seen in over 40 years, should be on the importance of efficiently producing safe and affordable food. And when it comes to health concerns, the focus should be on the health of Americans , not the health of the planet.

This all may seem obvious, but, unfortunately, it needs to be said.

Let’s start with agricultural productivity and affordable food. The latest consumer price index data show food prices in August were 11.4% greater than they were last August.

Year-over-year food prices have been above 4% (an unusually high level) for 12 straight months, starting in September 2021 (4.6%), with each successive month greater than the previous month.

There are many reasons for this increase in food prices. Government obstacles throughout the supply chain are a prime culprit, with the Biden administration’s current war on energy playing a lead role.

As well as examining how government is driving up prices, the president’s food conference should begin with the underlying assumption that, first and foremost, our nation’s food system should be efficient and provide affordable food. Environmental issues are important, but shouldn’t come at the expense of efficient production and low prices.

WIC Foods

The U.S. food system is a model for innovation, productivity, and affordability. According to the Department of Agriculture’s latest data, spanning 1948 to 2019, farm output nearly tripled (a 175% increase) while the amount of land decreased. In fact, as farm output increased by 175%, all agricultural inputs increased by only 4%.

In 2021, despite high food prices, American consumers spent an average of about 10% of their personal disposable income on food, which is close to historic lows. For decades, this share has been in decline.

But some, including officials of the Biden administration, want the federal government to transform the nation’s food system and in essence centrally plan the entire food supply chain.

Many on the Left long have attacked the American food system and agricultural practices , arguing that they have caused incalculable damage and seeking to divert the focus of the food system to addressing climate change, moving away from fossil fuels, and other ancillary issues.

The government doesn’t need to transform our food system, and we certainly don’t need a central plan to do so. The environment or other alleged concerns shouldn’t be an excuse to control lives and push policies that would come at the expense of our food system and drive up food costs for Americans.

It is troubling that the Biden administration has embraced the goals of the United Nations Food Systems Summit ….

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1 Comment on Biden’s Food Conference to Push Environmental Extremism

  1. This is an area where these articles and positions just never fail to not clarify or differentiate several key points…

    One, are we talking about the small family farm & actual produce or are we talking about further calls to remove the leash from giant, conglomerate, international industrial agriculture growing these increasingly demented GMO Franken-foods using every Petrochemical fertilizer and poisonous herbicide & pesticide known to man?
    The former I entirely want to see the government stay the hell out of, the latter I’d like to see crushed into utter oblivion till they no longer exist on this earth. The latter also supported, ideologically as well as through massive govt. subsidies, by not only this administration but the last and the one before that and the ones before that, red, blue or otherwise.
    The calls for “efficiency” don’t inspire confidence at all. Sounds much more like a contrivance looking to allow Mega-Corp to rape & pillage with reckless abandon. That, along with Mega-Corp using their pocket politicians to assault and shut down, often with a SWAT team, any natural/organic farmers proving that food doesn’t need to be drenched in Glyphosate, and you have the criminal enterprise that has been growing up around us, destroying the American Bread Basket, since WWII.
    Add into all of that the incessant involvement of Wall Street, always maneuvering to control the entire market to insure the ever increasing profitability of their speculator’s & hedge-fund manager’s commodities casino. Extreme limits on how much a farmer who produces the food can sell what he produces for, but then Wall Street insists that they be allowed, by government decree, to monopolize the market and then manipulate it to high heaven so they can drive up the prices 4000%, before they sell it for whatever they want, unrestricted, typically making orders of magnitude more money on it than the farmers who’s hard labor & broken backs produced it…
    Even more so, while we may have tens of thousands of starving American children and elderly, including veterans, the food we produce is often shipped offshore where it’s more profitable for the Wall Street investors who continue to live high on the hog, while producing absolutely nothing, but despotism.
    After this we can add in the police state, that is supported by both endlessly corrupt parties, flying around in helicopters, using expensive equipment to see if they can find an excuse to raid my home and assassinate my family in the middle of the night, because I might be growing a plant they don’t like…

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