Bill and Hillary Clinton launch their ‘We’ll never go away, Democrats!’ tour

Bill and Hillary Clinton launch their ‘We’ll never go away, Democrats!’ tour

By Thomas Lifson

No longer able to get half a million bucks for a brief speech before foreign interests seeking the favor of the American government, Bill and Hillary Clinton are going the concert tour route, hoping to cobble together another fortune built on selling a few thousand tickets per show, from about $70 to $750.  The venues they have chosen, starting with the Park Theatre in Las Vegas (capacity: 5,200) and including the Beacon Theatre (capacity: 2,894) in New York, are not in the Madison Square Garden league of stadia, though not yet quite as humiliating as a dinner theater tour, but if they live long enough, I would not completely rule that out, eventually.

The Clintons obviously have not reached the point that Barack Obama lectured us about:

Only nine American cities apparently are big enough to provide the requisite few thousand customers desirous of wallowing in Clintonian nostalgia and willing to pay for it, so the three biggest Canadian cities have been thrown in for good measure, to make an even dozen events.  I can only speculate on why Canucks would want to attend, but perhaps it has something to do with embarrassment over their own clownish leader and a desire to assure themselves that the Yanks have it even worse.

We don’t know yet how the tickets are selling, but when the tour was announced yesterday, the stock of Live Nation, the concert-promoters sending the Clintons on the road, took an immediate hit:

The only way that this tour could possibly be interesting is if they told the truth – about Hillary throwing lamps at Bill, about their personal amours, and about the many political scandals.  But I’d rather they told those stories to a grand jury.


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