Bill Nye Compares Anti-Vaccination Children To Children Dying In Savage Wars

by Gary Barnes

Anytime someone shares a Bill Nye article, or meme, or quote, on my Facebook page, I want to delete them. There are a lot of people whom I have a disdain for, you can call me crotchety if you like, but Bill Nye tops my list more often than anyone else. This guy is a clown, a profiteer and a level of shade not often surpassed by even the most egregious of humans. Nye, who in the past few years has made clear his campaign for popularity and unobstructed attention, has somehow put himself as the windpipe for a great many issues. So lets go over his list of undeniable bullshit.

First,we begin with vaccines. Bill Nye wants to save the world by preaching vaccines. In fact, he professes that vaccine preventable diseases kill more people than war. Because of course he does.

Does Nye take into account vaccine injuries, or vaccines (polio) which actually give polio to people who wouldn’t have had it in the first place? Does any of his science examine the idea that poor quality of sewage and clean water highly contribute to the spread of polio? Bill Nye is a shill for pharmaceutical companies who makes a living proclaiming dramatic ideas with the intention of persuading the masses and then selling them on something. He’s a brand ambassador for the highest bidders, all under the guise of “science.”

Bill Nye used to hate GMOs. Then he didn’t. Why?

Because Bill Nye is a paid shill. Paid shills get paid before they decide on perspectives, because their thoughts and opinions are bid on. Nye opposed GMOs, of course, until he visited Monsanto plants and now he suddenly supports them. If the science is the science, how did it change when he visited with Monsanto? What new “science” asserted itself while being wined and dined by a billion dollar corporation? All the science on GMOs are labrotory driven. To further Nye’s insanity, he believes Monsanto should label GMOs, which sounds good, until you hear why: He thinks they should be loud and proud. Think I’m kidding? Check out this excerpt from Business Insider which discusses Nye’s “flip flop” over GMOs.

Co-host Chuck Nice asked why corporations push back against labeling genetically modified produce, and Nye gave this response:

“I told those people at Monsanto … I told them, why don’t you just put on there ‘proudly GMO?’ Go for it. … Let the market sort it out.”


Bill Nye and Climate Change.

I think climate change is a load of crap. But to appreciate Nye’s ridiculousness, you don’t really have to. Nye preaches climate change, to the tune of profit. Yahoo! recently put out an article titled, “Bill Nye’s Solution For Climate Change.” Of course, my first thought is “oh joy, Bill Nye is going to stop tidal shifts!” Seriously, this is a bold headline, has Nye found the solution for controlling our weather? Yahoo! even has a video interview so Nye can tell us. So what’s the solution?

As nearly 150 world leaders, including President Obama, gathered in Paris for a historic conference to combat climate change, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” is out with a new book, “Unstoppable,” outlining his own suggestions for that fight. One of the solutions includes bubbles, as he demonstrated for Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga, on “Yahoo News Live”!

So Nye’s solution is to write a book, get everyone to buy the book, and make money. Sound familiar? It should, it is called Climate Change Profiteering and it runs rampant. Climate change is profitable, denying the existence of climate change, not so much. But what IF, just IF, denying climate change suddenly becomes profitable? Well, no worries, if Nye proved anything with his GMO stance, I think we have a firm understanding over what might happen.

This guy is criminally stupid while at the same time, conveniently brilliant at scamming the system.


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2 Comments on Bill Nye Compares Anti-Vaccination Children To Children Dying In Savage Wars

  1. Except “anti-vaccination children” are not dying, Bill—quite the contrary.

    “Anti-vaccination children”, or as I like to call them—”the unpoisoned”—are healthier and smarter than the vaccinated. Real science proves it.

    Bill Nye is a corporate shill who will say anything he’s paid to. ANYTHING. He’s already put his worthless “Science Guy” label on GMO products, which shows you how much credibility he has. Stop acting like “The Science Guy” means anything official.

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