Boiling Frog:

By: Patrick Proctor, TLB contributor

A once great nation of sovereigns reduced to the chattel of a democracy. Attaining the secret knowledge—amongst the lost—the loneliness is defining! Now, the constitution is merely an historical document. Cognitive dissonance: when I still believed the official narrative of how the world works.

When I did not know that a terrorist, preceded or real, cannot take away any of my inalienable rights; only my government can do such… Okay, so given the revelation that the War on Terror is a fraud; so why is it that they must torture these people? I would venture to say that this is, for the most part, occult ritualistic torture; lots of negative energy to be leeched off of these macabre practices. Afghans growing victory poppies and gag orders choke any truth that could pass through the razor wire of criminal activity of monetized dept with zero interest rates, were so called whistle blowers are whistling past the war torn grave yards.

The private US financial system is in and of itself a financial crises. As a nation we have lost our liberty and our dignity and it is only propaganda that is the catalyst of the elites dystopia… how many terrorist has the office of homeland insecurity captured? The answer: none, because they are the true terrorists! Another cold war of unlimited CIA power. Nothing like a long-term colossal threat to allow the military industrial complex to centralize the power of the multinational corporations and the international banks. And internal factions fractured to outright cyanide: a pulverization of a national consciousness. The death rattle of a Republic. And any hope of a resistance is never organized, it is atomized.

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