Is Brain Damage Happening After Covid Vaccination? [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This is a long video, so we’re going to try to condense as much of the discussion as we can in order to bring out key ideas. The basic issue is to account for why people’s behaviour and demeanour seem to have changed for the worse since the mRNA injection program began, and what relationship this has to biologically-induced changes in the brain.

Reiner Fuellmich – RF; Peter Breggin (psychiatrist) – PB; Naomi Wolf (author, journalist) – NW.


  • Excess mortality is now high, yet there was no significant difference in this during the alleged Covid ‘pandemic’ of 2020.

  • Some people are now showing personality differences: they’re no longer nice, are forgetful or have become rather docile.

  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (20-minute video): mRNA is now becoming the platform for ALL vaccines; an mRNA flu-Covid vaccine has already begun rollout in some EU countries. This needs to be stopped as it is dangerous to human life. [Technical presentation of cells, T-cells, etc.] mRNA goes into the blood in very large quantities, which have direct contact with the cell lining of the blood vessels. The mRNA enters into the cells of the lining, and this is where the killer lymphocytes (T cells) attack, recognized by the body as an invader. This is where clotting occurs. These mRNA ‘packages’ go into every cell of the body, and to every organ of the body. The brain cannot afford any of its capillaries to be blocked. Both the heart and brain need plenty of oxygen and do not repair themselves. An unpublished paper, describing an autopsy of a man who had died after his 3rd vaccine, showed that his brain had many instances of necrotizing encephalitis (dead, inflamed tissue). The endothelial cells of his brain capillaries had micro-clots (thrombosis), causing cells to die. This is due to the spike protein from the injection. Prior to these vaccines, capillary thrombosis in the brain was not known. Other researchers found the spike protein in the small vessels of the myocardium (heart), too. The brain uses about 20% of the body’s oxygen, the heart around 10%. Clots prevent this oxygen supply from normally circulating. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are all associated with micro-clots and necrosis in the front part of the brain. [Revealing comments about the WHO.] The brain is being affected, with corresponding personality changes; the heart is being weakened. All mRNA vaccines are causing this damage and should be stopped.
  • NW: (she runs the website and has assembled a large team of researchers) Lipid nanoparticles (LN) are changing the brain (claim). People seem lifeless in otherwise active areas of major cities. Moderna boasts that these LN enter all the body’s cells. LN are industrial fats covered in PEG (polyethylene glycol) which is a toxic byproduct of petroleum. These are designed to enter the brain. In pregnant women, the placenta is crossed. Western medicine doesn’t yet recognize that we have energy fields, that our bodies comprise electricity, yet it is this energy that seems to be affected somehow. Her research team have found that the LN degrade the myelin sheath that protects nerve cells and nerve conduction. MS, Parkinson’s and dementia are mentioned in the Pfizer documents. So it makes sense that neurological damaging is happening. NW has noticed a rigidity of thinking among her vaccinated colleagues; they are more angry, less able to modulate emotions, otherwise warm loving people are now emotionally cold. There’s been a noticeable severing of relationships among people, such as a distinct intolerance toward unvaccinated people, who have been cut off from their rights. There is a closing down of compassion. It’s like a war on humans. The injections have shut down emotions, thoughts and spirituality. This is just a hypothesis. We don’t yet know.
  • RF: Sucharit Bhakdi, in his longer presentation, noticed that the smaller capillaries in the frontal part of the brain are not getting enough oxygen.  NW: This explains the lack of impulse control and more primitive thinking. It’s the pre-frontal cortex where higher thinking takes place.
  • PB: All this makes sense.  There is a long list of animal experiments showing that the LN packaging was harmful to animals. In fact, it killed them. A study showed that the LN platform was too dangerous to be used on humans. Clearly, the main damage being done is to create DEATHS and INFERTILITY. And that constitute a PROGRAM. They know what they’re doing. Population control has long been one of their dominant ideas. Creating infertility has already been done through regular vaccines. The flu vaccine has been used for this. But BRAIN DAMAGE is a third area, creating conformity and docility. Detailed studies of lobotomy (Breggin spent some of his career getting this practice stopped) show that people become manageable and obedient, that they do well in a controlled, confined situation (said by people in favor of lobotomy). Producing docility and an inability to plan is useful for them. It’s basically a mass brain damage program. 
  • PB saw ECT (electro-shock treatment) and insulin used to induce comas, almost producing the death of the person practiced by psychiatrists. People go into this as normal human beings; after these treatments, which almost kill them, especially the insulin dose, the patients come out as docile and even grateful to the people who ‘saved their lives’. It’s the same with the psychiatric drugs of the 50s: one dose and people are docile. With ECT, essentially the brain resists. Widespread small hemorrhages are produced as a result. The person becomes needy and helpless. The damage to the brain overall and the frontal lobe produces a hierarchy of losses, and the first one is love. The emotion of love goes first after ECT or psychiatric drugs and other neurotoxins. Our frontal lobes go first, which are responsible for our civilization.  So the civilization among people is being impaired. The brain is integrated in its functioning way beyond our knowledge. So generalized damage produces many changes, an entire package of damages and effects. There’s no question they’re producing the kind of masses they want.
  • RF: As a German, he touches upon the subject of German involvement in this program. That it was BioNTech (bought out by Pfizer) which produced the vaccine; that it was Prof. Drosten, a fake professor essentially, who produced the new PCR test for the pandemic; that it is the German taxpayer that is the biggest contributor to the WHO. He says that what is happening now echoes with what happened during the 3rd Reich. Germany has a unique involvement here. NW: Nazi doctors mostly went into respected roles after the war. Eugenics became genetics. Geneticists of the post-war period produced the Gates in re-packaged form. Canada now has an assisted euthanasia program; one doctor has advocated for babies up to the age of 1 being marched to euthanasia without a parent. Minors under 18 have this right. It’s like a death cult. The Pfizer docs show this tendency.  It’s a societal abdication of the post-WWII conviction that we have value, that you don’t kill people. It’s a new and bigger holocaust of death with the vaccines. It’s just negligence to ignore these kinds of comparisons. RF: But so many people can’t make these connections. The WHO actually mentions ‘zombie mania’. NW: It’s baffling how many editors, for example, and other educated people will say ‘don’t show me that’. So are vaxxed people losing their critical faculties? What happens to these people when their belief systems are challenged? PB: They get anxious and INVENT reasons why they can’t evaluate something. So they could be operating as essentially brain-damaged people today. (Breggins studied and presented on medicine in the Third Reich.) The role of psychiatry was integral to bringing about the holocaust. It was doctors and psychiatrists who were the organizing professionals who brought it about. Essentially, they contributed to murdering their patients. Eventually, Hitler cancelled this program because it made him unpopular. Ordinary people will do terrible things, so it’s really not surprising. Everything we’re seeing CAN be accounted for by living in a totalitarian regime. We’re being humiliated, threatened, doctors are terrified, our leaders threatened. Combine all that with brain damage from the vaccines (and perhaps from Covid itself to some degree) …
  • PB: Brain damage only gets worse, not better, because the brain cannot regenerate. Damage to cells leads to further damage in the surrounding cells. How do we tell the difference between the effects of brain damage and totalitarian abuse? It’s not easy because, with abuse, the emotions of love, caring and tenderness disappear under conditions of emotional trauma.
  • RF: This is definitely part of an agenda. But it’s hard to understand why doctors don’t want to help their patients, why they seem not to care. Fuellmich was told privately by a hospital administrator that doctors actually don’t care too much for human life in the main, especially when it comes to financial incentives. So few doctors dare speak out. Is it built-in as a defect or is it a result of the education system?
  • PB: Of equal importance to money is POWER. Doctors can be quite out of touch and authoritarian. They’re involved in bureaucratic medicine; they don’t connect well.  IDENTITY is also important: things that threaten your identity are more threatening than things that threaten your life. Take police or firefighters: they will regularly put their lives at risk, but they’ll take the stand in a court of law and lie to please a superior. This cop will ignore corruption because they’ve built a type of group identity. The greatest risk for them is to destroy or damage their professional membership and identity. With doctors, there is a lot of superiority over people, which is trained into them. Doctors don’t go into medicine to be reformers! Today’s globalist predators show the same tendencies in off-camera moments.
  • The video ends with an interesting discussion on the historically brutal methods of psychiatry, especially Walter Freeman, as well as a discussion on the need for constitutional democracies around the world which are opposed to globalism and the current globalist agenda, which is trying to destroy the nation state. Fuellmich sees genuine opposition to the globalist agenda; Breggins isn’t so sure (Naomi Wolf has left the discussion by this point). 
  • Breggin finishes by emphasizing the point that the brain damage being shown is similar to lobotomy as the effects of the damage spread over time, as well as ECT (although memory loss is particular to ECT). This generalized brain damage reduces us in a hierarchical way, i.e. love and higher thought disappear first. It all reduces the capacity of the soul to communicate through the brain. 


They’re trying to kill us off – Reiner Fuellmich



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