Standing Rock Trust issues *Emergency Medical Warning*:

By Ariyana Love

Chemical weapons expert, Dr. Gregory Ford, issued an official, chilling decree not to return to Standing Rock! The entire area has been turned into a “no go zone” due to four extremely dangerous chemical weapons that have been used and identified in water protectors’ medical lab results. The area must be decontaminated! 

The U.S. Government is carrying out chemical warfare against WE THE PEOPLE.

Time is of the essence. If victims wait too long to be treated, the deadly effects of this poison will be irreversible. This is the nature of chemical warfare. Once the poison reaches a certain point in its cycle, death is inevitable. 

Victims will die a painful and slow death through internal bleeding. Victims must receive immediate medical treatment. Victims must be tested for Rozol, castor pumice, trichlorpropae and phosphine poison. Victims of Rozol can be treated with vitamin “K” injections.

Water protectors have already tested positive for Rozol poison, castor pumice trichlorpropane and phosphine, but there may have been even more chemical weapons used. All of these are extremely deadly. The Rozol is now in the air at Standing Rock. One small particle breathed into the lungs can kill you. But remember, it’s a very slow death.

Right now many people who have been at Standing Rock, especially in water protector camps, are gravely ill. The public doesn’t know this because it’s been whitewashed by MSM. All relevant government bodies know what is happening because I have informed them during my investigation and they are not releasing public warnings!

Anyone who has been to Standing Rock or is there now and is sick and bleeding, call 9/11 immediately! Get to the hospital NOW!  DO NOT HESITATE! Tell 9/11 you are a victim of chemical warfare. You must receive immediate medical attention.

Gregory also said victims must File lawsuits immediately.

The EPA report released in January of this year revealed that 40,000 pounds of extremely lethal Rozol poison were strategically placed on two ranches boarding Standing Rock. It was illegally spread out over 5,400 acres. Dr. Gregory Ford assures us this is chemical warfare.

As well, crop duster airplanes have been dropping castor pumice over water protector camps. Those airplanes had obscured serial numbers, which means this is a U.S. government operation.



“Possible Chlorophacinone (ROZOL) dangerous rat poison exposure”

Cannonball, North Dakota, Jan. 23, 2017 – This public health warning and advisory for Standing Rock is being issued by us as a precaution to those who have passed through the camps in and around the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Water protectors (aka known as protesters) who have been camped out since April 1st, 2016 at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation area may have been unknowingly exposed to a dangerous and toxic rat poison known as Chlorophacinone (ROZOL).

An article appeared in the Bismark Tribune below that has more details for the poisoning incident.

PLEASE SEE: Meyer ranch buffalo under quarantine for ROZOL poison, Lauren Donovan Bismarck Tribune, Jan 22, 2017.

Some 350 indigenous nations and up to 20,000 people passed through the camps to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, setting up camps in various locations in and around the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation. Many people have come back from the camps reporting symptoms and illnesses of what is referred to as the DAPL cough, bloody noses, fatigue and some people have reported coughing up blood.

The 900 buffaloes at the David Meyer’s former Cannonball Ranch near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation as well as on the former Wilder Ranch to the south have been under quarantine due to the illegal application of Chlorophacinone (ROZOL) until September of 2017. David and Ernie Fisher who shared a grazing lease on the same pesticide-laced Cannonball Ranch had another herd of 600 animals on the same ranch. They reported having as many as 14 dead or missing animals, which they claimed were killed and eaten by the water protectors (protesters).

The article in the Bismark Tribune states, “The situation dates to April when six dead bald eagles and dead bison were discovered at the former Wilder Ranch. An Environmental Protection Agency-led investigation found that 40,000 pounds of ROZOL poison had been illegally distributed across more than 5,400 acres on both ranches, according to EPA documents.” Upon investigation by the EPA, the ranch had dead bald eagles, dead prairie dogs, and dead bison.

Chlorophacinone makes creatures that ingest it bleed from every orifice and stagger around for the week or two or three it takes them to die, attracting predators and scavengers. Whatever eats the anticoagulant-laced victim dies, too. The creature’s meat is unfit for human consumption and can cause blood clots. Highly toxic if it enters the food chain. Exposure to Chlorophacinone can come from skin contact of an infected animal, handling feces and urine, consuming the meat of the animal and direct contact with land and water contaminated with Chlorophacinone.

Even the feces from the animals are considered bio-hazard material. The effects of long term exposure of Chlorophacinone is unknown and there are no safe limits to having safe amounts of Chlorophacinone in your system after exposure.

“The EPA order for the cleanup was to: tilling of all misapplied ROZOL to ensure there is no longer any ROZOL on the surface of the pasture land or any other land;”

This means the 40,000 pounds of ROZOL poison was just to bury it in the soil, contaminating the water and soil around the ranches area. This means there was no real clean up of the contaminated land.

The adult buffalo are under quarantine until September 2017, though yearlings were released from the no-sale hold on Jan. 1, 2017. Upon calling the EPA, it was reported that 100 yearlings under quarantine until Jan 1, 2017, were sold on Jan 7, 2017, to unsuspecting buyers who might put the bison into the food chain. Beverly Fisher in the article says that none of these yearlings were ever under quarantine that was sold. The EPA reports that some of the bison sold were those under quarantine. Someone is not telling the truth here.

From the EPA docket Docket No. RCRA-8-2016 for the bison incident was dated April 22, 2016, just right after protests started for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The case is still under investigation.

About the Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign

The Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is a campaign to create Buffalo Sanctuary Cooperatives to return and restore 250,000 buffaloes to their ancestral lands, starting with locations near the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

The Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is headed by Mother Earth Trust, a sovereign that manages World Heritage Sanctuaries and also manages the World Basic Income Program.

The Save the Buffalo Nation Campaign is also supported by Free Nations United to Heal Our Mother Earth, a sovereign that manages Water is Life Unity Alliance that is supported by 20 indigenous nations and sovereigns.


Campaign: Save the Buffalo Nation Spokesperson: Ambassador David Kam Email: [email protected]
Tel: 562-353-7288



Standing Rock Trust (SRT)

Standing Rock Trust (SRT) was established by myself, Dr. Gregory Ford and Lakota Nations spiritual leader Royce Gay, in order to create an administrative body to respond to the chemical warfare now being administered on WE THE PEOPLE at Standing Rock.

SRT foundation was first created as an offering to the Standing Rock Lakota Nations, to use for holding and allocating tribal funds that would contribute to legal action for sovereign treaty rights. But now the situation is more serious than we imagined and we must organize fast.

SRT administrative team’s top priority now is to record, log and archive everything that transpires at Standing Rock on a daily basis. Lab results are evidence of the heinous crimes being committed by the U.S. government in collusion with other world governments against WE THE PEOPLE.

All evidence must be secured so that nothing is mysteriously “lost” and no further crimes will go unrecorded. The evidence will be used in the biggest lawsuit this nation has ever seen.

The sick water protectors must be taken care of. All the people who raised money for anything to do with support for water protectors, camp supplies or legal fees, must immediately use those funds for the water protectors who are now sick. Victims must file lawsuits immediately and many of them cannot even afford the industrial medical lab tests, let alone legal fees!

SRT will collect lab reports and secure and archive the evidence.

We must press Greenpeace to get a crew out to Standing Rock immediately, who will clean up the Rozol poison. Any organization receiving government funds we must safely assume is compromised, therefore we must secure back-ups of all samples ourselves. We will no longer rely on government agencies to secure our safety.

Anyone attempting to withhold the funds already raised is just as guilty as the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against humanity. We must continue uniting on this path of resistance until we have restored our constitutional freedom and our Bill of Rights.

From now on, we refer to ourselves as WE THE PEOPLE and not “citizens” of the corporation of the “United States of America.” We must always refer to ourselves as WE THE PEOPLE in a U.S. court of law. If you consent to being a “citizen of the U.S.A,” they can kill you.


About Dr. Gregory Ford:

Dr. Gregory Ford is a chemical weapons expert and whistleblower of the CIA Torture program. Sgt. Frank “Greg” Ford is a retired counterintelligence agent with over 30 years of military service in the Coast Guard, Army, and Navy. He was stationed in Samarra, Iraq in June 2003 with the California National Guard’s 223rd Military Intelligence (M.I.) Battalion. As one of the first divisions to enter Iraq after the U.S. “Shock and Awe” aerial bombardment, Ford’s battalion’s mission was to collect counterintelligence. Along with a small group of highly trained soldiers, Ford was responsible for force protection and for investigating national security crimes committed against the Army.
Visit Greg’s FaceBook page here: @GregFordWhistleBlower


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About the author:

10985546_10202851379840017_919612219240449795_nAriyana Love is a TLB Project Staff writer, researcher and a project Director. Ariyana is also the Director of TLB Project website Middle East Rising, a website that reports on the truth in Palestine and throughout the Middle East on a level rarely matched on the global stage. You can contact her at: [email protected]

About co-host Luca Majno:


Luca Majno  is an investigative journalist, TLB Media Technical Director, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People) of Turtle Island which is now North America. Exposing past and present crimes is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.



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