British Soldiers Denounce War


by TLB Contributor: Paul James

British Soldiers Denounce War

Could turn that in to an op for US vets and serving to denounce banker wars – PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE ….. NOW AMERICANS ACTING AS US SERVICEMEN [NOTE US Corp aka FEDERAL RESERVE INC is MILITARILY OCCUPYING the u. s. of A c.1776] – POLICE SHERIFF’S FOR THE CORPORATION OF LONDON – FEDERAL RESERVE INC…. YOUR TURN….. Note facebook are truncating this link and not allowing page to automatically open….. This strongly suggests you go read it …. Before Things Get Out of Hand……Judge Anna von Reitz

If you want to help fix America’s problems – YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM! The reason for a tyrannical government made up of psychopaths, the District of Criminals, Duel Nationals of  Is ra hell  running America into the ground, why nothing is done about Banksters, 911 etc, Why Genocide through vaccines – Chemtrails – Electro-magnentic radiation – GMO’s, the deliberate de-industricalization of America, dumbing down of America…. THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN – American is occupied by the Khazarian controlled UNITED STATES (FEDERAL RESERVE INC) criminal Cabal and they are holding America and the world in a condition of mixed war! UNLEARN

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