Broward [FL.] Mystery Boxes Tossed Into Trucks.. Gaetz Forcibly Removed While Filming

Broward Mystery Boxes Tossed Into Trucks After Missed Deadline; Gaetz Forcibly Removed While Filming

by Tyler Durden

After a Florida Judge ordered Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes to allow for the immediate inspection of tens of thousands of ballots suddenly found after Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson lost to Republican Gov. Rick Scott, Snipes failed to abide by a 7 PM deadline set at the emergency hearing. Instead, workers were filmed by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) shuffling boxes into a truck, before he was forcibly removed by a police officer. 

The scene was reminiscent of election night, when Broward County election officials were seen shuffling mystery boxes into a rented truck.

Gaetz vowed earlier to hold Snipes in contempt for missing the 7PM deadline.

The court was asked to intervene in a tight race for US Senate between Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott, after tens of thousands of ballots mysteriously appeared in Broward County, and another 15,000 in Palm Beach.

Lawyers for Snipes have argued that such a quick response would interfere with the count, while Rep. Bill Nelson has accused Republicans of trying to deny him a seat which he believes he will keep once all the votes are counted.

Rep. Bill Nelson (D-FL)

Republicans have conversely accused Democrats of trying to steal the election.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

You mean they are just now finding votes in Florida and Georgia – but the Election was on Tuesday? Let’s blame the Russians and demand an immediate apology from President Putin  9:58 AM – Nov 9, 2018

Who is Brenda Snipes?

Snipes has a sordid history in her 15-years on the job. In May 2018 a judge ruled that she violated federal and state laws by destroying ballots in a 2016 Congressional race in Tim Canova’s bid to unseat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the Democratic primary race.

In August, 2018 a Judge ordered Snipes to stop opening mail-in ballots in secret.

In 2016, Snipes’ office “accidentally” posted the results of an election 30 minutes before polls closed at 7 p.m., which was blamed on a private contractor.

Brenda Snipes

Snipes is being backed by Bernie Sanders – who was admonished by Tim Canova for supporting the woman who destroyed ballots in his bid to unseat Wasserman Schultz. 

Rep. Gaetz, meanwhile, is being called a racist for trying to figure out what exactly is going on in Broward County.

Matt Gaetz@mattgaetz

Now everyone who doesn’t want voter fraud is a racist. Guys, this race-baiting strategy failed in the elections. Give it up already.

Fight For 15@fightfor15

Dear @mattgaetz, you are a joke. And your racism is showing. 


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