California Exercise Was More Than Just a Missile Test


By: WarMonitor

On November 6th, KABC news in Los Angeles reported that the military would force all low flying night flights from the West to change their landing path. This means that airspace over the Pacific will be closed to all incoming flights over the next week. No particular reason was given to the public or LAX, with the only explanation being ‘secret military exercises’, which would be conducted during that time period.

Last night however, something unusual happened. Witnesses throughout the Los Angeles metro area and as far inland as Arizona reported a ‘blue streak’ in the night time skies. Many people thought this to be a UFO, others had no clue what the object could be. Many were scared out of their wits, while others simply gazed upon the object with awe. There were some folks, however, that knew exactly what the object was.

What the residents of California were actually looking at was an unarmed Trident II missile, which was part of a test launch being conducted by the US Navy. The Trident II is a submarine-launched ballistic missile capable of deploying up to 14 independently targetable nuclear warheads.

It’s not uncommon for the military to conduct launches such as these, but it’s rare that they should be carried out in view of a large civilian population. This fact alone brings a few questions to mind. One question being, why seek out curiosity by calling the event a secret exercise, only to allow it to be photographed by the millions living in one of the most populated regions of the United States? Had this launch been carried out during the day, it is unlikely to have provided such a spectacular display, nor would it have attracted such a massive audience.

One possibility that comes to mind is that perhaps, in addition to the missile being tested, the public response was also part of this experiment. In that regard, though it did spark fear in some, it hardly reached any level of mass hysteria. In fact, many people, even those who knew it was a missile but were not aware of it being unarmed, grabbed their phones to record the event as opposed to running for shelter. This leads me to believe that if a nuclear strike actually did take place against a major city, millions would die needlessly with their iPhone glued to their fingertips. The video of the incident stormed social media only seconds after the object faded into the darkness, which may have been part of the actual intent.

The exercise was also carried out to attract the attention of yet another onlooker, Russia. Just a few days ago, Russia had tested a nuclear missile that successfully struck its target located thousands of miles away from the launch site. The Trident II launch was likely carried out in response to that particular operation. This could also serve as another explanation as to why it was carried out at night over a populated region, having the conductors of the operation known that thousands of cameras would suddenly be trained on the missile, only to be uploaded to Youtube for the entire world to see, including Russia. If this was the expected outcome, then it certainly was a success.

One other possibility, however unlikely, is that perhaps our military is attempting to prepare the US population for what may come. The White House has been consistent in its denials of having triggered a new cold war, however, this could be an ulterior method of relaying that message without actually having to admit to it.

The operation was likely designed in genius to serve multiple purposes. One thing is clear though, this was far more than just another missile test. This was to send a message to the US citizens and to the entire world, but exactly what that message is however, is still unclear at the moment. Nevertheless, the military did say that these secret exercises would take place over the next week, so keep your eyes on the skies and be sure to have a camera with you.

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