California Weaponized Weather & Fire Control

California Weaponized Weather & Fire Control

Weather Manipulators or GeoEngineers… whatever you call them are allowing California to burn…

by Ralph Ely | (TLB) Editor-at-large

It is absolutely criminal what happened to the town of Paradise California and it’s citizens. Wiped out. No town. No people, No where to live. Lives lost, some not accounted for.

There is no reason on God’s green earth why this disaster had to happen.

It is also criminal what is happening in Southern California with fires burning there. Again, there is No Reason for these fires to be burning, other than the Weather Controllers want it that way.
Don’t Go Away. I am about to prove everything I have been saying. “A picture is worth a thousand words”…
If “Weather Manipulation” is new to you, I can imagine the “why thoughts and how thoughts” that are racing through your mind, peppered with jolts of anger and rage. Been there, did that, years ago as an anti-GeoEngineering activist.
Why would anyone want to Control the Weather? That question opens up a Pandora’s Box of more questions that we do not have the time to answer here. Want more answers? Google Geo Engineering or any of the other key words found in this article, and strap in for a research ride of your life. (Caution: Beware of mis-info.)
Many members of The Liberty Beacon Project, being x-Military or Military Contractor, know the capabilities of the branches of our Government. So I can say with complete assurance… Weather Manipulation is very real and can be extremely deadly.
If you still doubt how real GeoEngineering is… next time you come out of your favorite big box store and see how “goofy” the sky looks with all of the white lines going in all directions (my favorite is the tic tac toe sign), ask yourself… What normal airlines, or normal military for that matter, fly those patterns? Did I hear someone say Contrails? Sorry that does not wash… Contrails happen at very high altitude and happen very seldom with today’s modern engines. Enough Geo 101.
As 1PacificRedwood  pointed out in the video above, the Commend Center for this Weather Control is located at L.A. Air Force Base.

Los Angeles Air Force Base is located in the South Bay beach city of El Segundo, Calif., approximately two miles south of Los Angeles International Airport.

L.A Air Force Base [Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center] has some interesting neighbors… Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and SpaceX.
So as you can see our Weather Controllers (GeoEngineers) are well placed in Science and Technology and along with Warfare Developers that are the best your tax dollars can buy. (re: Military Industrial Complex)

What you can do

Share this post and video with family, friends, fellow workers…. Everyone you know on Social Media, including groups. Email this post to your elected Representatives. They all have that capability on their FB page or Gov page. (Google it)

Here is the link that will take them directly to this article:


Let Trump Know

Click here to Email President Trump  (

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121


Now you know of one of the most highly rated atrocities being forced on America and other parts of the world. You know who is responsible and you have been shown evidence. You have been given ideas how to let your fellow citizens know.  And finally, how to contact one of the most powerful men on earth and let him know how you feel.
This can all be stopped by our President signing an Executive Order.  The Ball is now in Your Court. (RE/TLB)


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