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TLB: Leslie Carol Botha hits another home run with this amazing interview. Exactly what role does the system play in child placement. What are the pitfalls and the ramifications to the mother – child bond. Do these bureaucrats even care? Or does it go much deeper than this.


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Exclusive: Robin Karr & Janie McQueen, The Motherless Child Project

By TLB Radio Network Talk Show Host and Contributor:

Did you know that during a divorce mothers lose custody of their children to known abusers – often ex-husbands? What you read here and listen to in this exclusive interview with McQueen and Karr is going to shock and disturb you. But thousands of mother’s and professionals like Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, who recently wrote an article about the Justina Pelletier case states that the judicial system is designed to destroy the mother-child bond.

If you are a mother without custody, know that you are not alone. Approximately 58,000 children are ‘legally’ taken from their mothers each year through the family court system in the U.S. ~ Robin Karr, Mothers Without Custody World

In 2008, Liz Richards with National Alliance for Family Court Justice (NAFCJ wrote an opinion piece in a Parent’s Forum in the Washington Times pointing out the fact that fathers’ rights groups coach men on stalking, harassment and sabotage tactics during custody hearings. By the time a woman who has been abused gets to court she is often emotionally and physically exhausted. And then she is barraged by a set of tactics to sabotage whatever sanity she has left.

Mothers want Justice for their children who deserve a safe and nurtured childhood.  We want the primary attached parent-child bond to remain after separation and divorce. In American Courts, Rules of law are violated and therefore reform is necessary to insure the safety of the child in family and dependency courts. ~ American Mothers of Lost Children 

American Mothers of Lost Children Rally, Wash DC 2010
American Mothers of Lost Children Rally, Wash DC 2010

Stealing children from mothers is nothing new, “Fathers who battered the mother are twice as likely to seek sole custody of their children as are non-violent fathers.”~American Psychological Association ~ Men are being instructed to file for full custody to avoid paying child support.  Angry and abusive men use these unfair and gender bias courts to punish women by stealing the child she gave birth to. Since Parental Rights for fathers are protected and supported through the courts, with federal funds and incentives  fueling a gender war and damaging children,  by violating  rights of mothers making decades of children motherless.  Fact: There is no to protect ‘Her’ constitutional rights and provide equal access to justice. ~ by M Barnett // January 3, 2015 American Mothers of Lost Children

The Motherless Child Project

Author bios

Janie (Brooks) McQueen is the author of five books, including Hanging On By My Fingernails: Surviving the New Divorce Gamesmanship, and How a Scratch Can Land You in Jail; The Janie McQueen 3Magic Bookshelf, which was featured as a series in the former Los Angeles Times Book Review as part of its Reading by 9 literacy program; and its 10-year anniversary edition, The New Magic Bookshelf: Finding Great Books Your Child Will Treasure Forever. Her writing career includes news beats for major metro newspapers including The Greenville (SC) News and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and a stint as a speechwriter for the government of Taiwan during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. A native of Beaufort, SC, McQueen has a B.A. in English literature and writing from the University of South Carolina. She lives with her husband and four children in metro Atlanta. Her author’s website can be found at

Robin Karr’s varied career includes working as a technical writer for USCIS Department of Justice, teaching high school English and working for more than thirty years in retail Robin Karrmanagement. She has worked as a writer and activist for womens’ and children’s rights since the late 1980’s. Robin holds a BA in English from Union College in Kentucky. Her oldest son Christopher is a writer who lives in Austin. Karr’s two younger children Matthew and Laura were taken in babyhood by a Texas judge who was later ousted from her position. Her journey to make meaningful contact with them continues at

Burning Sage Publishing Press Announcement
Dec. 15. 2014



In her fictitious upscale Charleston, South Carolina life, the biggest problems 16-year-old Emily Amber Ross has had to face run along the lines of designing alternative Halloween  motherless child bookcostumes, losing five pounds before school pictures, sourcing aromatherapy candles, and finding a bridesmaid dress out of season.

Until she hears an old gospel song that leads her to question who she really is. And when she decides to launch a school Internet community project based on that song—which she names The Motherless Child Project—she is plunged into a dangerous and disturbing world of judges, backroom deals, pandering middlemen and disappearing parents, and the realization that her whole life has been a lie.

Drawing on the lush South Carolina Low country backdrop that is the native home of award-winning author Janie Brooks McQueen, The Motherless Child Project, written with Kentucky native and fellow writer Robin Karr, paints a world where everything looks just right… but which is revealed to have had a deeply dangerous fault line running beneath it all along.

Realistically placed in a teen’s ordinary, busy life a swirl with crushes, siblings, school events and friendships that begin to reveal their own flaws as Emily Amber draws closer to the truth about her family, the premise of The Motherless Child Project reads like a vivid and immersive YA thriller but for its basis in fact. Without preaching or heavy handedness, the novel lays out the reality of many children leading deceptively constructed lives created by a family court system that too often fails or refuses to recognize who are the real heroes— and who are the imposters—in a family unit.

The novel has already garnered praise from reviewers such as the prestigious Midwest Book Review, which issued a page-long synopsis (excerpted here):

“The Motherless Child Project presents a powerful story told from a teen’s perspective and tells of teen Emily, who has grown up without her mother and is long used to this absence in her life. But it takes a school project, which she tailors around her experience of being motherless, to really bring her feelings to the forefront, and her journey is the subject of a story investigating why her mother left…

“Chapters flow smoothly as Emily progresses, bringing readers along for an Olympic effort as revelations are made, emotions assessed, and realities contrasted with belief and illusion. Long raised on a ‘steady diet of lies, Emily is ready to confront the facts; and within that process lies transformation. “To say that The Motherless Child Project is a book about change and self-discovery would be doing it an injustice: it’s so much more. Through Emily’s eyes the entire process of transformation is displayed, analyzed, and revealed, with all its aches and pains. Through her actions readers are treated to insights on responsibility, community connections, and, ultimately, the lasting impact of decisions.” —D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


American Mothers of Lost Children – has this to say about The Motherless Child Project

Congratulations to the Team of McQueen and Karr, the reviews are in and you did it, a hit! This touching and poignant story of a young girl caught off guard by a project, a song and her unanswered questions about her mother’s absence in her life.  Now we’re looking forward to the Screenplay ladies!!!  Thank you so much Janie and Robin for putting to pen the story that needs to be told.  The kind of nonfiction that resembles life. Let’s hope life imitates art and it strikes a chord in the hearts of other motherless children and ignites a movement for mothers’ who have ‘lost’ their children.



Leslie 1About the Author:Leslie Carol Botha is an author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of “Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle.” Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


TLB recommends you visit Leslie at Holy Hormones for more pertinent articles and information.

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