Can we take back America? It looks doubtful. (Part 2 of 12)

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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

What would it take?

To thwart the growing government dominion over us, traversing many obstacles must occur. Obstacles that took years to grow will not be reversed quickly.  One primary wall to climb is found in the very mindset of the American individual. Indeed, it is a growing contention that our state of mind is the biggest enemy of our State of the Union. To win, we must determine not only how, but why, with the realization that there is strength in numbers. This is the collective mindset, so lacking, and the reason Obama is now in office. Those with a moderate conservative mindset did not vote, and some that did, did not do the homework required to make an intelligent decision.

Collectively, we will have to put what is good for America first, and this is not the norm for a typical American way of thinking. Overall, almost to the last man, individual action is primarily based on selfish concerns. Few would sacrifice security, no matter how nebulous it may seem, and few understand the manipulations for this mindset. Few would give their lives for a cause, unless mandated by government to do so. Note here that America is almost he last bastion of any kind of freedom, surley the largest, and the last who can even remember the concept. In actuality, it might be postulated that we are the only hope for a world completely enslaved by these devices afore mentioned, and yet we are endangered of losing it.

Even at the start of the Tea Party movement, it was primarily about higher taxes, and selfish concerns. If the direction would have been government intervention, liberty, freedom, sovereignty, responsibity, and such, the movement would have had a broader base. More Americans would have identified with it, and negative patterns that is the root cause of our present day dilemma would have more readily been addressed. When black and white men stand together, there will be true hope.

Another factor to consider is the quality of both our education and media, where the lion’s share of attitudes are developed.  The method by which our children are taught seems most important, and yet few try to understand it. Whether it be laziness or unconcerned trust,  the outcome is the same, as out of sight is out of mind. The education of your children is your responsibility, not The State.

This includes the primary factor of contention vs. motivation, which our American standard is in very short supply. This includes all, even higher education, but the will to demand truth from media and our own government does not exist with enough gusto to make a difference. Buying a newspaper for the sports section is a case in point, knowing it is biased indicates a sellout on your part. Want to make a difference? Quit advertising, and drop the paper. Monitor it from a distance, tell them what you think, and when they change, you change back to their corner.

Powerful tools are used to dominate us, from sex to drugs, and we think it normal as we watch the mired of advertising for both litigation and drugs on the airways, and most of it sold by the use of overt sexuality. Most do not  question why, much less take a stand. Walking on a treadmill at the gym the other day is a case in point. Lady GaGa was doing some strange and very disrespectful effects on a music station with a rosary and crucifix, and no one but me complained to switch channels. I was the only one, and yet, that station no longer airs. One person made a difference, and that is a point to consider. When you are right, you hold a lot of weight.

Even the selling of gold goes unquestioned, as the price rises with inflation, and yet, we don’t even know what is in Fort Knox as billions in unsecured money is being printed without accountability. We trust too much, and can’t grasp the concept that about a third of our national debt is going to interest imposed on us by this monster manipulator. Isn’t it possible that this gold we are buying is stolen from us? The Federal Reserve is not America, but most Americans can’t grasp the concept that America belong to us, and this includes all of the gold in Fort Knox. In our hearts we know we have no control over them, that America no longer belongs to us, and that we have been sold out. This defeated attitude is our biggest enemy, fear, and so we must realize that most all of us are indeed ignorant cowards.

While Christians wait for some prophetic rapture, they hope Jesus will set the world straight without any effort on their part; Islam pulls rip-cords out of fear and anger as they desperately try to stop the onslaught they fell will ultimately destroy their culture; Jews put their defensive and aggressive fingerprints on both horror and beauty as they are blamed for being the instigator of war and the manipulator of western economies. These mindsets endangers us on many fronts, not only for our very survival and the possibility of another world war, but our abject enslavement as a species. Some, are actually trying to manipulate the world to construct the proper scenario to make their faithful prophecy materialize. How dangerous, and how disgusting is that? 

Another obstacle to consider is the amount of unity that will be needed. Putting aside inefficient differences for a common goal has never been done before. Never. War, the only instance we can draw closer collectively is mandated from government, by a draft. There are no choices, unless you want to spend some time in Leavenworth, or leave the country.

We consider that our original founding fathers came together by the will of the people, as representatives, but is this true?  It is said that they put together a failsafe to protect us from government, but that this failsafe has been disconnected, and how to get it back unclear. All dictators know that a divided country is easily won, in mind and spirit. Knowing this does us little good, as the primary demands of America will have to be unflinching accountability, and in order to do this we must possess truth, combined with unrequited resolve, and un-bought leadership . Are we up to that task?

Some say we are too lethargic, too  indolent to stand forth accountably. They are betting we are not up to that task, and so far their bets have been right. Some people, metaphorically, are attempting to stand up, only to find their heads hitting a low ceiling. This is a lack of leadership, and a clear message of acountability and direction based on truth does not yet exist.

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