Can we take back America without destroying her? (Part 8 of 12)


By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

Fads, and the lies we conveniently believe…

Fads are promoted for a variety of reasons, mostly for selfish concerns, and weaken us as a nation and any cause trying to take root.

Like a regretted tattoo, there are times when we might embrace a fad and then later find it flat, like the “cracker” faze on Face Book last month.

Fads are mostly promoted to make money, or for some kind of recognition, and usually not for the common good. Some fads revel in negativity, and that seems to be the reason they were created. Gaga is a case in point. Multiplicity is most attractive to the immature, as it seems that difference is better for that sake alone. It may then be seen that the fad was just another way of expressing a basic need, like sex, but without regard for other more refined elements, like responsibility, and morality.

Face Book has opened the doors to fads of every description, but also, in that process, people finding commonality are bundling together, excluding those who disagree. This weakens us. Though this might present a semblance of comfort, it does nothing to further knowledge, as they are indeed preaching to the choir. Unless you detect blatant hatred, bigotry, the promotion of violence, and such, let them learn what you think. It may make a difference in ways we cannot fathom at the moment, and bring us closer together.

The “Cracker” faze showed the disquieting desperation for identity. That we would so readily embrace an ideological definition without doing the homework required to define it, is a case in point. It turned out to be racist and demeaning, and referred to the slave owner’s whip. This did nothing whatsoever to unite us, but further divided on ideological and racial lines. Fads provide a sense of unity among participants, but isolates all others who do not. As the difference between participants and nonparticipants become evident, the gulf widens.

Fads are a craze, a whim, a trend, and all based on impulse. Most of all to consider is its use as a diversion. It is a good way of lighting a fire, so that your attention is not focused else ware. It is one more obstacle to overcome.

God bless them, but there are those on face book who concentrate on the vapor trails of jets, with fears that somehow, for some obscure reason, the government is spraying the world with an unknown substance for an unknown reason. Speculation abounds, but in the process, this speculation and the imagination it feeds on, are based entirely on paranoia, and inhibits them from moving to a more equitable endeavor. One might argue forever about such things, but the bottom line is that to take back government, to make them accountable and visible to the people would address any of these speculative assumptions.

“In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.”—Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Think of all of the diversions we have had this year, from stem cell research using fetuses from tax paid abortions, an unconstitutional moratorium, broken lies by our own President, faked and unverified global warming data, an endless stream of artificial market data to maintain and hide statistical properties and behaviors of a real market, fake internet security and optimization tools, Counterfeit US$100 notes printed in North Korea widely circulated in the North Korea-China border area, fake data using JavaScript in both the browser and node like fake Anti-Spy Ware, newspaper bias and selective data distribution by conglomerate news agencies, outright lies about the severity of the debt burden of Greece, fake data from Monsanto to get its transgenic crop varieties approved in India, and the list goes on.

There is no doubt that to win in our attempts to curtail a dominating government, we must come together for a common cause, as Americans. We must assign a singular local leader, and combine him with a group of leaders, and that opportunity will present itself in the coming November elections. We must emphatically scrutinize each and every one to make sure that he or she represents our common values. Though some incumbents might seem to be with us, …look hard at his record. If he did not stand forth when the chips were down, most likely he would do or say anything to stay at his post. After all, it is a good place for the opportunity of money making. We must have men who are servants to the people, and weed out those who are not.

Over a broad social and economic spectrum, America must put aside petty differences and engage in a shared definition of who we are collectively, as Americans. It is called identity, and without it we can have no common destiny.

Know too that there are abject evil people in this world. People who are self destructing, and have no qualms but to bring along anyone with them. Misery indeed loves company, and yet it seems a universal law that like attracts like. We have many commonalities, and we should dwell on that and not our differences. So long as someone does not infringe on your right to be who you are, live and let live.

Fads are also promoted by nationalized media and Hollywood, and instilled as normal to promote a future agenda. Again, money might be a primary concern for them collectively, a discerning factor, but there are times when the changes it promotes is not for the common good. Some would sacrifice our children to drugs, promote life as valueless, instill immoral ideologies with justifications like lack of respect for law, dishonesty, dishonor, irreverence, or lack of responsibility. It may not be considered calculated, but a mindset by those who put money before God, …those whose primary concern is to stay in power and make money at all cost.

Note: It is an amazing to realize how very difficult it is to hate someone who loves you. It is said that we were founded on Christianity, so why not forgive? Why not treat others as you would like to be treated, and realize that our government is doing things that are not in our name, and so too are our so called allies.

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”—-John F. Kennedy

A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.”— William Shenstone

Obama sychopathy: “Lying, evasiveness, feigned forgetfulness, vague and inconsistent answers about his past…his goal is partially to confuse and manipulate, but he also is indifferent to the truth. And he will lie simply for the fun of it, so much so that he eventually becomes caught. Yet even when cornered and confessing, he will offer flimsy excuses or insincere apologies and then go back to lying again.”—Dr. David B. Adams

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