Cannabis Has More Uses Than A Swiss Army Knife

Mexican marijuanaThe debate on legalizing cannabis is still very much an issue with users and non users, all arguing the pros and con’s, the ifs and buts along with the tut tuts and the illegal tag it carries.

Illegal drugs are the second profit making industry for our governments, think of all the revenue they would lose if they legalized it. Quite frankly its the only reason they won’t make it ligit. Now with banning of herbal remedies coming into force, and growing your own and which will only be made available through prescription, which is entirely for profit and no other reason.

For those who are still unsure about cannabis and the naysayers, the video below gives you another alternative way of looking at it. Cannabis is far less dangerous than today’s vaccines that contain toxic waste, your GMO  food and fluoride in water and yet these products are legal with serious side affects which are detrimental to your health.

A little tongue in cheek but it doesn’t alter the fact that cannabis is the lesser evil.

WARNING: This video contains profane language …


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