Truth in Media: Vaccine Court and Autism

December 7, 2013 0

Contributed to TLB By: Ben Swann, Thuth In Media. The claims that autism is caused by vaccines have been completely disproven,  right? We have all heard that claim, maybe most famously by actress and model  […]


A New Flu Season of Pain, Profit and Politics

December 6, 2013 0

By: Gary Null, PhD and Richard Gale According to all official health reports, we are now fully in flu season.  It is that time of year when public health officials, physicians pediatricians and pharmacists warn […]


Stunningly Huge Cancer Threat Uncovered

December 5, 2013 0

By: Bob Unruh A new meta-analysis of studies concludes that a single abortion raises the  risk of breast cancer for a woman by an astonishing 44 percent. Professor Joel Brind, a science adviser for the […]


A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine

December 3, 2013 0

  By: Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D. Deep into my 6th year of researching and investigating the damning science that condemns vaccine efficacy and safety – yes, all of them – I am beginning to turn […]


Show Me The Money

December 2, 2013 0

By TLB Contributor: Lori No, I’m not asking for donations.  The money that big pharma is using to push their vaccine agenda is becoming very apparent & a few articles came to light recently that […]


Fact-Checking About GMO Foods

December 1, 2013 0

In the last few decades many Americans have been suffering from different chronic diseases. Many factors could be contributing in the increase in chronic diseases but the most important one is indeed our diet, even […]


Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food

November 28, 2013 0

TLB Preface: None of the information presented here is new (as in discovered yesterday) and a check of the time-line of this article will show you that. The importance of this article is the abundance […]


The Costs of Vaccine Damage: The Pay Out Figures

November 28, 2013 0

  By: Catherine J. Frompovich Vaccines are supposed to be safe according to the U.S. CDC/FDA, so how come the HRSA division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published Statistics Reports [1] […]

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