How the Elite Stay In Power

January 3, 2015 0

by Joshua Krause Sometimes it’s difficult to look at the world around us, and recognize how far we’ve fallen. How could we allow such a small group of sociopaths rule us, and more importantly, how […]


Bilderberg Group and the Cult of Austerity

December 28, 2014 0

Source: Andrew Gavin Marshall This is the sixth installment in a series examining the activities and individuals behind the Bilderberg Group. Read the first part, second part, third part, fourth part, and fifth part in the series. It could almost be […]


Afghanistan: The Making of a Narco State

December 17, 2014 0

After 13 years of war, we haven’t defeated the Taliban, but we have managed to create a nation ruled by drug lords By: Matthieu Aikins Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan is named for the wide […]

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