Caught Red Handed: Further Proof of Daesh Smuggling Oil to Turkey

TLB comment: It is a sad state of affairs when “we the American People” have to rely on alternative media outlets from other nations to find out what is  * “really happening” around the globe and right here in our own back yards of the United States.  The U.S. media began sliding down “the slippery slope” of Government controlled information and propaganda years ago.  They are now traveling down that slope at runaway speed with no thought of slowing down or gaining control.  The media is fond of pointing out their Constitutional right of “A Free Press,” while supporting the actions of the Military-Industrial-Complex that take away or ignore our Constitutional rights and freedoms as Citizens. ~ Ralph Ely, TLB

*Case in point, the following article.  Did you see or read these details in main stream media?  Yes, Sputnik News in run by the Russian Federation.  We find truth in the damnedest places. 

The Russian Aerospace Forces operating in Syria continue to target the chief source of income for Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) – the illegal oil production and smuggling.

During official briefing chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Sergei Rudskoy presented numerous photos and videos depicting Daesh tanker trucks attempting to smuggle oil into Turkey.Attepmting to evade Russian aircraft, the terrorists disguise tankers as ordinary trucks and usually move their cargo during night.

“In order to avoid losses to Russian aviation, the terrorists move [the oil convoys] mainly at night. Moreover, their tanker trucks are disguised as ordinary trucks, and move in small columns of several dozen vehicles at a time,” Rudskoy said.

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