Censorship & Cancellations create More VaXXed Showings

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Big Pharma and the pro-vacci Medical Industry screwed up big time if they were expecting their influence and political pressure on the New York City and Houston film festivals to cancel VAXXED would just make it go away.

The Bullies on the block (Pharma/Med) are used to having their way and controlling the public narrative when it comes to vaccinations. This time can you say, back-fired? Truth and Controversy are powerful forces that cannot be controlled by Big Pharma, the Med Industry or in the end by Main Stream Media.

Below is information provided to TLB editorial staff from the Producers of VaXXed that has the latest screenings and other media updates. (CW)


Tickets are now ON SALE for the Los Angeles premiere at the Laemmle’s Monica Film Center. The film will have an Exclusive Engagement starting April 15. We’ve just SOLD OUT the 7:20pm shows on Friday and Saturday, so get your tickets NOW!

There will be Q & As after the 4:40pm and 7:20pm screenings both Friday (4/15) and Saturday (4/16) night, as well as a Q & As after the 4:40pm show Sunday (4/17).

Who will be there?
Director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Producers Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey.
12:00p, 2:20p4:40*p7:20*p10:10p

In other exciting news – Vaxxed is screening at the Silver Springs International Film Festival in Ocala, FL this Sunday (4/10) and at the Manhattan Film Festival April 24!

PLUS, we’ve confirmed an Exclusive Engagement starting April 22 in San Diego at the Angelika Carmel Mountain. Also on April 22, Vaxxed premieres in Phoenix with screenings at the Harkins Valley Art in Tempe and Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18 in Peoria.

More details will be added to the website this weekend AND we’ll be confirming more theaters next week!!!

Related Press Coverage
Earlier this week, Robert De Niro once again addressed pulling Vaxxed out of the Tribeca Film Festival. Did you catch the interview?

And you must read this piece by Gary Null explaining why the CDC is threatened by the film.


You can also catch an interview with Del and Andy on Coast 2 Coast Radio from Midnight to 2:00a Sunday, April 10.


Editors note: Dr. Brian Hooker is an adviser to The Liberty Beacon and has appeared on TLB-TV along with other TLB health and science advisers with founder Roger Landry hosting.

Below is the movie trailer of VaXXed:

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4 Comments on Censorship & Cancellations create More VaXXed Showings

  1. Not the only thing that Houston don’t want you to know.I wish I had known about this because I would have spoken up to protect their right to show whatever they want….Why because they are hiding the death of my daughter and all of them know that I am coming and coming fast. The truth is that there are multiple of deaths in Houston and serious cover ups of falsifying medical records and death certificates to cover up for the big hospitals who have nothing on their minds besides Money……..Maybe they may want to talk about the former CEO Dan Wolterman of Memorial Hermann Hospital who is alleged to be married to two women and has committed fraud, money laundering and falsified tax returns……..Call the IRS, FBI in Houston, and Securities and Exchange Council to see if a complaint has been filed….Crime and Coverup is the name of this city.



  2. Another well done and informative documentary on vaccine ingredient thimerosal and additional CDC corruption is Trace Amounts.

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