Cheer the Obamanation Train


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

Today, we are living the chapter of history in which Americans endure American communism’s last trundling mile on its way to the scrap-yard.

Our so-called ‘greatest president’, Abe Lincoln, was its engineer.  McKinley, TR, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and others stoked the train’s flames.  American communism *is* that old; in this Lincoln’s birthday blog post, we presented indisputable facts of American history:

1) Karl Marx and Abe Lincoln were mutual admirers

2) Marx was a journalist for the New York Tribune

3) The GOP at its birth was the proud party of Marx

4) American communism was thus born in the Lincoln administration

5) Ten-point communism was federal policy by Woodrow Wilson’s era

We concluded that article by suggesting that as Lincoln was its engineer, Obama is the caboose-man of American communism.  As was true of its collapse in the USSR, our period of ‘Obamanation’ will have its pathos and comedy, followed by history’s measure of Americans as a post-communist people.

The Golfer and the Looter

Let’s begin with the comedy.  This watershed in history, with B. Hussein Obama peering out of the dilapidated caboose, should be savored, my friends!

See him clutch his intravenous drip bag, the only American president with a Muslim and Marxist background.  What were his handlers thinking?  Repeatedly, his troops postpone the inevitable, crying “Just a few more months…just a few more months!” in unison with media.  They may pull together on the rust-frozen brake lever, but history is just ahead all the same.

We learned in the 2010 TEA Party election landslide: elections change nothing now.  This pathetic, 150-year-long train is groaning to its ignominious end.  No political party — least of all the GOP! — can save the cartels’ game from exposure.

Let history record Obama’s arrogant words — “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.  Oh, sweet irony!

His lame duck period now underway, I expect the cartels to try another world war, amid the comic relief of Michelle hauling off the White House silver, china, linens, stationery, draperies, bolsters, pantry contents, and anything else not nailed down.  The banana republic First Looter will order clothing and shoes to make Imelda Marcos blush.  Lobstah and caviar until the poor cow is glutted.  Every royal junket they can fit on the vacation calendar.

Still, a small price to pay for waking the giant.  We will watch with a wry smile as they ride American communism to the end, in one long toast to the good life.

When the Crash Comes

So much for comic relief; now for the bad news about what we face just ahead — Great Depression II.

It is mathematically and ethically impossible that a 150-year-long counterfeiting operation should end well.  Banking has operated as organized crime for five generations, piling interest and fees atop one another, then topped by flips and derivatives into the quadrillions of dollars.

Trillion-dollar scams end in taxpayer bailouts, with zero prison time for perpetrators.  The enemy deep-captured all three federal branches including regulatory agencies.  Literally thousands of astounding estates here and abroad are the result; if you think the Obamas are brazen looters, you have no idea.

Unfortunately, Americans begged for this.  Five generations of clueless, gullible taxpayers have been a criminal’s dream-target.

As we are the generation to see American communism end, we are also the generation that will face the most difficult time in our lives, for not having even known we were communist for five generations!

Many will commit suicide; many more will murder for food, clothing, gasoline, and the like.  As we explained in THIS previous article, we all face this hard, violent, distressing time whether we are prepared for it, or not.  You may certainly refuse to believe this, but history does not favor Normalcy Bias.

Setting aside the Obamacare debacle and 15-year-long cartel attempts to spark World War III, let us answer the key question of our century: when the crash comes, how will We The People respond?

Repentance, then Retribution

I propose that this time, We The People turn the shock-and-awe back on our enemy.  After generations of moral, intellectual, and spiritual free-fall, a significant remnant in America must do two things: sincerely repent before God, then show courage and determination in the face of our domestic enemy.

In this recent three-part blog series, we exposed that enemy: the cartels.  We suggested that AmericaAgain! is the best solution available; that it is peaceful, practical, powerful, and perpetual. Its mission is to recruit, train, organize, and support the American remnant to reclaim 150 years of lost liberties at the hands of criminals.

In this article, we detail what that historic recapture will include.  Whatever hell we must endure in Great Depression II, consider what we can gain for our children and grandchildren if we do not faint!

Our offensive arm is the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.  When an elected servant in Congress violates our trust and our payroll accounts, we target them for state felony indictment, leading to imprisonment and seizure of their assets.  Learn more about that aspect HERE.

Having established that We The People are now back in charge, the AmericaAgain! Legislative Action Section will draft the following legislation to be forced through Congress.  Each targeted politician will receive it as a plea-bargain; each politician not yet targeted, receives it as an immunity deal to avoid being targeted for indictment.

Our long-term defense is AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ helping millions of armed citizens connect with tactical trainers, gun shops, and especially to push Citizen Militia legislation through their state legislatures to conform to the stipulations in the U.S. Constitution.

Forget electoral theater, citizen!  That rigged game is over; both parties are cartel PR machines.  We The People must win this war for our grandchildren’s lives and liberty using our rules and our ammunition on our chosen field of battle!

Federal legislation is no longer written by Congress as required by law; it is written by bankers and industries.  Now, We The People take the controls until Congress is again comprised of statesmen. Now, WE get the legislation America needs to survive.

Taking Back All That We Have Lost

With God’s provision, our staff’s diligence, and the momentum of just 50,000 members at the outset, We The People can achieve the historic reforms listed below within a decade.  As you read through them, try to imagine the ‘fundamental transformation’ in American life that Mr. Obama will have wrought, despite the best-laid plans of Marxists and Muslims!  Each reform law is explained in more detail in the AmericaAgain! Declaration.

1) Shut down D.C. Organized Crime by passing the Home-Based Congress Act, relocating all members of Congress to their offices back home, which we already pay to staff and maintain. Using common virtual meeting technology, we make our servants work from their home districts so the cartels’ operatives can’t easily pull them back into a life of crime.

2) End the Imperial Congress by passing a Non-Aristocracy Act, limiting Congress to two terms for House and Senate, and ending all congressional perks other than salary, office staff and reasonable operations, self-operated automobile, and coach-class airfare.  Not one penny after they leave office – and retroactive for all past members of Congress.

3) Outlaw back-door pork and tyranny by enacting the Clean Bill Act, outlawing the addition of riders, unrelated-issue amendments, and earmarks to legislation.

4) End the immoral rule of banksters including ending the FED counterfeiting cartel, the corrupt ‘fractional reserve’ loan scheme, and the gargantuan derivatives industry built on those frauds. The Lawful U.S. Money and Banking Act restores lawful (gold and silver) U.S. money, and outlaws the FED cartel or any private entity ever having control of U.S. money.

5) Restore Privacy by enacting the Citizens’ Privacy Act, reiterating the Fourth Amendment privacy of the American people’s persons, houses, papers, data communications, vehicles, and effects from any electronic or aerial interception, surveillance, seizure, detainment, or file storage unless preceded by issuance of a specific, bona fide judicial warrant issued upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place, items, or data to be searched and persons or things to be seized.  Repeal the FISA, RFPA, USA Patriot Act, NDAA, and Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004 and outlaw any similar legislation in the future.

6) Secure the Internet for citizen use by enacting the Internet Liberty Act, providing criminal sanctions against anyone attempting to disable Internet service within the USA.

7) Enact the Sovereign States’ and Citizens’ Property Act, repealing any federal act, regulation, or presidential decree claiming control or operation of any land in any sovereign State other than military installations purchased from the States with consent of those States’ legislatures.  Control and ownership of all land, water, timber, oil, gas, minerals, or other natural resources in, on, or under any sovereign State reverts within 36 months to that State, to be managed as the People of that State determine.  No federal flag may fly on any sovereign State property, or on county, municipal, or school district property except as approved by the citizens of each such jurisdiction.

8) Repeal the 16th Amendment by enacting legislation barring Congress from taxing personal wages and salaries, stipulating that IRS shall obey the Tax Code and cease all fraudulent application, imposing financial sanctions and imprisonment for offending IRS employees.

9) End the ‘Anchor Baby’ Illegal Alien Racket by enacting Senate Joint Resolution 6 of the 111th Congress.

10) Outlaw conscription by enacting legislation declaring that federal government has no authority to conscript Americans of any age into involuntary servitude for any purpose.

11) Secure our Border  by enacting the Secure Borders Act, to immediately begin constructing the U.S.-Mexico border fence and increasing border troop strength, airborne assets, and electronic detection as to furnish a truly effective barrier to illegal crossing.
12) End Arab-Israeli War in the U.S. by enacting legislation outlawing any religious law or program inciting citizens to rise up for or support Islamic law, the State of Israel, or any other foreign interest on U.S. soil that impedes our servant government’s duties to us under the U.S. Constitution, and outlawing any portion of Sharia law that violates a local ordinance or State law.

13) Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore the Founding Fathers’ design of our government: the State legislatures elect the members of the U.S. Senate to counterbalance the mob power of the U.S. House of Representatives.

14) Kick the U.N. out of the U.S. by enacting the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009 (H.R. 1146) of the first session of the 111th Congress, terminating the authorization of funds to be spent on the U.N. and withdrawing federal diplomatic immunity for U.N. employees or delegates.

15) Enact an American Sovereignty Act based on the 1953 Bricker Amendment, assuring that no treaty will be valid if it violates the U.S. Constitution, and recording all Senate votes for each treaty.

16) End foreign wars of plunder by enacting legislation acknowledging Subsection (c) of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 disallowing funding for foreign hostilities without a Declaration of War and proof to Congress that it is necessary to defend against demonstrable threat to the States.

17) Enact the Honest Elections Act, outlawing computerized voting, stipulating that only paper ballots be used in all federal elections, to remain in the control of each precinct elections committee until counted and posted for public review and which shall not be destroyed while said election remains in dispute.
18) Restore the Citizen Militias of the Several States by enacting the Minuteman Act, pursuant to Congress’s power to “provide for … arming … the Militia” in the U.S. Constitution to repeal every federal statute, regulation, executive order or other directive that infringes on the right of citizens to purchase, keep, carry, transport, or sell firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements suitable for Militia service as the term is used in the U.S. Constitution.

19) Drastically Shrink Federal Government by enacting the Non-Enumerated Powers Sunset Act, de-funding within 12 months every federal program, agency, bureau, department, and regulation that is not specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, unless stipulated in a discrete (not omnibus) constitutional amendment as a federal power, with said amendment to be ratified by 38 States.


The End of American Marxism

Once We The People achieve the 19 reforms listed above, we will be more free than we’ve been in 150 years, to prosper and produce; to enjoy God’s blessings in the most unique republic on earth.

For generations, our enemies believed they were on the verge of a new world order.  Instead, they have gone a bridge too far, lighting new fire under a long-dormant population.  Obamanation is the justice we deserve for sin, and our opportunity to repent, that God might show us mercy again.

Join us in repentance, that the audacious Barack Hussein Obama may have his place in history – and we, ours.


Follow David Zuniga on Facebook, read his articles on Freedom Outpost, D.C. Clothesline, Prepper Recon, The Liberty Beacon – or read his book This Bloodless Liberty to discover that America’s best days may be ahead, after the hard times that must come first.  AmericaAgain! is a charitable trust and membership organization to: 1) enforce our Constitution using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to criminally indict members of Congress; 2) using that means, force through reform laws to recover our lost liberty; and 3) restore the Citizen Militia as stipulated in the Constitution.  AmericaAgain! needs a capital partner so that we can recruit the prosecutorial R&D team to deliver on the vision.  Many organizations offer empty words; ask for donations but deliver nothing.  This has made Americans weary and wary.  This groundbreaking effort needs startup capital to deliver on the idea, and then dues-paying members will join.  By God’s grace, we know that our capital partner is somewhere in America today.  If you are that person, read the AmericaAgain! Declaration and our frequently asked questions here, then e-mail the founder at


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  1. Super article!! When an elite falls, people turn to the bright, progressives ones and ask “what do we do now?” One has to ensure then that the bright, progressive ones people turn to are themselves honest men with no hidden agenda, authoritarian disposition or unworkable policies or we lay the foundations for yet another tyranny. You seem to fit the bill for such requirements. Three further suggestions (1)Introduce the principle of WRITTEN SUBMISSION to ensure there will never again be hidden lines of communication into any government that the people cannot see. By this principle ALL councils and meetings of government – including any meetings or discussions with ANY group or person outside of government must be viewable by all citizens(recorded on film etc and immediately provided on request) and all communication to government must be IN WRITING and a matter of record. NO edict, law or policy may be enacted or valid if the councils, meetings, input, advice, data and decisions leading to that enactment are not a matter of public record. (2)introduce the principle that no party may borrow money or accept corporate donations. Only donations by individual registered members of that party may be permissbale with an upper limit as to what any member may donate in a given period (random example: maximum donation $5000 per member per annum or some such thing. That way the financial resources of a party are commensurate with the actual membership and support of that party. (3)anyone serving a term in government may not receive remuneration in money or in goods or favors from ANY other source other than his payment of a wage from the public purse plus expenses reclaimed for costs incurred (travel etc). His pay should be in keeping with his high office but comprise a basic sum plus bonuses related to performance as measured by key statistics such as average incomes of the people, crime stats and health stats etc. Hope this helps.

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