Chemtrail Clouds: Light Shines Through



By: Lucille Femine

Have you been ill with a persistent cough and cold that has not responded to traditional or holistic cures? Know anyone who has or is experiencing this?  What is happening?

My answer – if I may go for the throat – is that when persons of ill-intentions begin to crack up, they go all out to destroy anyone and everyone around them, including themselves – a sure sign of stupidity but what do you expect from a psychotic?

Chemtrails are causing mass havoc on the planet in the guise of “weather control” which, if you give it three seconds of careful thought, is not at all an emergency.

The insistence by powers-that-be that we are experiencing global warming has been debunked by the very fact that we have been going through global COOLING for millions of years. In a totally natural manner. The planet goes through a warm stage for a few centuries (or more), then a cooling stage. That’s how it goes.

From, “The Earth’s climate has undergone a global transition over the past four million years, from warm conditions with global surface temperatures about 3 °C warmer than today, smaller ice sheets and higher sea levels to the current cooler conditions….”

Why are these globalists messing with that? The same reason they mess with our food and try to stuff everyone – including unborn babies – with killer drugs.

They are going nuts. They’ve reached the end of their long reign of chaos – mainly because they are being found out – thanks to all you patriots out there and our main tool, the internet. What do psychotics do when more and more people are onto them? They panic and pour more coal on the fires of oppression to try and shut us up. In this case, the flames are in the form of toxic air. Then, as an added measure, they promote flu vaccines that don’t cure anything and make us sicker.

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal” – Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine. One wonders if chemtrails has a big star next to it on his battle plan.


You see, they really do believe they are helping. They have to – otherwise they would cave in, realizing what they are doing to us. So they justify, lie, alter facts, use false data, fear-monger, debunk, vilify the truth, trash whistleblowers and murder – whatever dirty blankets they can use to smother the facts.

But we’re poking holes in the blankets, wide enough to have very clear vision, not only of the facts but of hope for a future we can actually create – not by merely returning to some nostalgic past but by putting sanity back in the universe.

It’s rough to remain happily sane when we are constantly breathing poisons, feeling like a wet rag. And some take more poisons to “cure” it – promoted by Big Pharma. Since 80 percent of us are sane, we deserve clean air and a clear mind, to say the very least. It’s the other 20 percent we are dealing with.

So let’s focus: when we put all the rotten eggs in one basket, we see they all come from the same farm. At the moment, I don’t know what to call this farm or exactly where it is located. But one thing I know for sure – we need to agree on what we are dealing with. It’s actually individual people who are working very hard to kill most of us because they are afraid. And now, they’re terrified of all the lights shining on them.

They try to create the illusion that it’s all coming from “everywhere.” So your head shifts so much you get headaches trying to see and avoid certain disaster and death. Mostly what we are presented with are false flags. But that’s not where we should look. The targets are a relatively few people of bad intent who do not want to be seen.

Yes, there are physical realities to deal with and we certainly should – we do have bodies that need survival in a real world. But to have a permanent solution and peace on this planet, we need to find the troublemakers.

These suppressive people, the minority, deal in death and destruction. Period. Know that well. It doesn’t matter what they say, what promises they make or how charming they appear. Many are dangerously and deceptively charming; I’m sure you can think of a few. In fact, that’s a good idea – spot some in your own mind and life, not just charming people but those who made you feel bad all the time – in the news or in your personal life. You’ll feel a lot better. After all, 20 percent is a minority but that’s an awful lot of people.

In the meantime, below is a link to some natural cures if you are suffering from this phantom flu. It includes a long list of symptoms, much more than just coughs and runny noses –

Hope this “clears the air” a bit. Now let’s do it for real.


L. Femine is a Staff Writer and The Print media Director for The Liberty Beacon project.



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