Clinton Foundation Bigger RICO than MAFIA – Agents Must Start Talking to Save FBI [video]

Clinton Foundation Bigger RICO than MAFIA – Agents Must Start Talking to Save FBI

by Rick Wells

Kallstrom would never have stood by while the corruption of the Obama regime took over the FBI but he feels it can be salvaged. Leadership must go, to prison as…

Lou Dobbs notes that James Clapper has now come out with a statement that contradicts the report by a collection of intelligence heads from last year, stating that Russia did attempt to help President Trump get elected. Of course he says that, it adds fuel to the witch hunt burn pile.

Former FBI Assistant Director, James Kalstrom, isn’t swayed by the assertions of Clapper, asking rhetorically if he needs psychiatric help. He labels James Comey as “the guy with the biggest attitude, he puts himself on this huge pedestal, the ego is just unbelievable. Yet, he has no common sense.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Kalstrom says, “To think that he could pull off this whitewash of a fraudulent investigation on Hillary Clinton when the ‘president,’ Obama himself on at least two occasions said, ‘There’s no evidence against her. She’s done nothing wrong. I mean you’d have to be a moron not to know that that was just a phony thing from the very beginning.” Unfortunately, there are a lot of willing morons and idiots in the media.

Kalstrom points out that the FBI wasn’t investigating the Clinton Foundation, which he labels a bigger RICO case than the Mafia. He says, “It wasn’t that the FBI agents didn’t want to investigate it,” that he hears from “ton’s and tons” of the rank and file of the FBI who are so upset about what is going on.”

Dobbs voices his opinion on the future of the FBI, saying its survival depends on how many agents step forward, under subpoena, to say what truly happened. “If there isn’t that residual within the rank and file of the FBI, I think that the institution is doomed.” He adds, “If they don’t step up, they deserve that institution to be absolutely swept aside.”

Kalstrom says the corruption at the FBI was restricted to a small number in leadership who called off investigations into the Clinton Foundation in both New York and Little Rock.  Arguing on behalf of saving the FBI, Kalstrom says it’s a shame what has happened, that we’ve put a series of bad leadership into place that has come close to bringing the agency down.

He says, “And I would include Bob Mueller in that and Comey was a disaster.” They make their way around to John Brennan, who Dobbs says “exudes evil.” Kalstrom says he knows Brennan and Dobbs is right, “because he’s really a psychopath, that guy.” Kalstrom points to Brennan’s threats against the President and to Rosenstein’s threats asking, “What is this?”

Dobbs points out the reality of what President Trump must be facing every day when tackling this evil cabal, and his courage to stand and fight every day. Kalstrom agrees, saying he’s known him for 43 years and “he’s never not going to stand up. No matter what happens with these fools.”


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