Common Core: Federal Agents To Be Placed In Schools

According to the website for the DoE, the “Principal Ambassadors Fellowship” was created “in order to implement needed reforms” and to “recognize the important impact that a principal has on instructional leadership, the school environment, and talent management and to better connect this expertise and knowledge with education policy makers.”

The PAF’s will be provided free of charge to the schools and will work alongside their administrations to ensure that they understand federal policies and guidelines, acting more like Common Core police than assistants. They’ll spend 20 hours a week in the schools and according to the website will “spend time gaining greater knowledge of the content of key federal programs and policies, in addition to the context and process by which they are designed and implemented.” In other words make sure that they’re doing what the federal government wants them to do.


With schools cutting back on administrative positions as their budgets fall short of their needs, such a program will be seen more as the government trying to provide needed assistance rather than for what it is, a backdoor way to get federal employees in every school across the country to ensure uniformity in their curriculum. After all, these federally paid employees will also be federally trained so how can we believe they won’t all be pushing the same policies?

Included within the Omnibus bill is funding for local federal offices for the agents to report to. The Student Success Act is what allows the federal government to stretch its tentacles out and reach in to our schools, something it’s not supposed to do and congress should have stopped. However they’re allowing this overreach and agreeing with the premise that the feds know what’s best for all, even though our nation was founded on the exact opposite ideals and promotes local government and individualism rather than a powerful central government and collectivism.

With federal agents always present, do you really think that administrators and teachers will criticize federal programs or talk about their shortcomings? No, they won’t, and having these people in place like this will solidify the common core curriculum nationwide, dumbing down our students and teaching revisionist history so that there’s less opposition to the radical agenda that progressives want. You can put your money on the fact that these will start out in the struggling schools as well so that some level of ‘success’ can be noted and the program can spread.


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