Common Core: There Is Big Money In Making Our Children COMMON!

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

It should be said that our most vital responsibility as parents and the gate keepers of future generations, is our children’s education and preparing them for bright and productive futures. Yet we as a society have allowed corporatist entities of all persuasions, as well as corrupt and complicit government officials to hijack the most vital aspect of said responsibility … that very system of education … for profit (and other motives)!

No longer is free thinking rewarded as a mechanism of success, now being vanilla, blending in, or being a part of the herd (Common) is promoted. The intent is to facilitate through Common Core a generation of followers not leaders who would in turn NOT challenge the system, but mindlessly conform to and perpetuate the system.

The title itself “Common Core” should immediately set off warning bells, it sounds like something straight out of a Communist handbook. There is nothing common about children other than maybe their age. Children are individuals as much as you and I, each with their own identity, personality, strengths and weaknesses.

The concept of one size fits all education should raise huge red flags! Even if the curriculum is worthy ( it is anything BUT worthy), we do a serious injustice by forcing every child to conform to the expected norms of average. There are those who would excel, just as there are those who would lag behind. But through this mechanism of forced conformation those who would excel in one subject or another are frustrated and forced into this concept of conformity forever damaging their initiative and drive to excel … settling into a pre-programmed society of passive and obedient citizen consumers.

So what is the motivation behind Common Core besides to raise generations to passively follow and conform … How about an insane amount of money to be made … Yea I said that, but hey don’t listen to me … Lets here it straight from the horses mouth!

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School Children

Exposed: Common Core’s Collusion for Money

By: Adam Campbell

Common Core standards swept across the nation since 2009, and now 42 states have adopted the education standards.

The details of the standards evolve beyond the typical pace of traditional curriculum to the point that textbooks have to be constantly revised.

That means that millions of textbooks become obsolete by Common Core standards and millions more have to be printed and sold.

That’s big money.  And the investigative group, Project Veritas, caught executives on camera admitting the scam.

Watch the video below:

Project Veritas investigators even got a textbook executive bashing everyone from home schoolers and Donald Trump.

The executive said, “Who is listening to Donald Trump? . . . Old white men who are frustrated with their lives.”

Donald Trump has vowed to end Common Core.


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