Concerned About 5G Technology? Really? [Video]

Concerned About 5G Technology? Really?

by Ralph Ely | (TLB) Editor-at-large

Are you really concerned about the roll-out of 5G Technology? If you thought ‘yes,’ then that begs the question “What are You doing about it?”

Far too many reading this article are doing nothing But being concerned. They are posting and sharing a few articles… perhaps taking a few pictures of some local Cell instillation down the block to include in their FB post. Bottom line: The Choir is exchanging and sharing the same Old Song and Music.

Remember, the Elite that are pushing the many programs of depopulation and control, are counting on Activists becoming bored, lazy and complacent, while they operate in Panic Mode at Warp Speed because of what you know.

Action – The Elite’s worst fear

Taking action can happen on many levels. In this article we are going to give a few examples of what is taking place by two activists familiar to many, Elana Freeland  (Elana Freeland Under An Ionized Sky) and Matt Landman (Actual Chemtrail Activists).

Before you say to yourself, but Elana is a published author and Matt is well know for his Video work and Public Talks… how can I even compare to them and be effective? First off.. as the old saying goes.. they both go to bed, get up in the morning and put their clothes on just like everyone else. Elana and Matt are two of the nicest unassuming people you will ever meet. The only difference we have detected that makes them a cut above in activism is they are on a mission to make things change for the betterment of Humanity through Action they take. Actions you can take also.

Action – The 5G roll-out

If the roll-out of 5G is to be stopped in it’s tracks, it must be attacked at the City, County, State and Federal levels.

Here is an example of a simple local action being taken by Elana:

From Geoengineering to Bioengineering

Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 11 AM – 2 PM PDT

3201 Boston Harbor Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506-2800

Elana Freeland and Christopher Fontenot discuss the links between weather modification, 5G, ELFs, nanotechnology and Transhumanism in this free talk. Refreshments provided and booksigning following the event.


Let’s take a look at what Matt Landman has been up to. Even though Matt was in FB jail his activism did not stop. Here he is in Larkspur, California telling it like it is before the City Council…   (You can stop video after Matt’s 3 min. are up)

So there you have it… two regular folks doing their Activism with Action and Compassion.

Action – Leaving it behind you

No matter how you take action, a meeting, a hearing or just going door to door and visiting your regulators/law makers be sure and leave reference material about 5G behind when you depart. Something as simple as an 8 x 12 paper with internet links to articles and/or videos for them to review later. (Be sure and put your name, city and contact number in case questions come up later.)

Action – Final thoughts

Holding an event is not hard if you gather a few friends to lend a hand. Find a “friendly” coffee shop that has a meeting room. Just for the extra few dollars they will take in from serving your group beverages… etc… usually the room is free.

A college or university is another good bet with one of the Social Groups sponsoring your event. You usually pick up extra publicity from their Student Union and their News Paper.

Be mindful of MSMedia attending any of your events. Be sure they get a Hand-Out to do some research to counter-act the impulse to write “Just another Tin Foil Hat” story.

As Matt says… “So what if your voice quivers a bit…  Tell your Truth and everything will be fine.”  (RE/TLB)


Books by Elana Freeland

Watch Matt Landman’s Movie FRANKENSKIES

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