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CSPOABy: Chaplain Robert Poynter, TLB Contributor

Today as we sit here, more and more of our liberties have been ripped right out from under us. Unfortunately, it took our Second Amendment to bring this to the forefront. Many citizens are left wondering what is next. Fortunately there are a group of people just like you and me who are fighting back. I want to bring them to the forefront.

The Organization I am referring to is the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association. CSPOA (for short) is a group of law enforcement officers who see gun control laws as a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Last May, Sheriffs and Police Officers from around the Country met in St. Charles, Missouri and the guest speakers (Sheriffs from across the country) urged the people to continue speaking out for their liberty and freedoms as defined by the Bill of Rights. Many of them said it would violate their oaths to support the gun control measures requested by President Obama

The Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association, Founded by Sheriff Richard Mack and Associates in 2010, had a mission. Simply put that mission is to serve the people and protect their rights. Here is their mission statement.

“To educate and equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oath of Office.”

Sheriffs-Gun-GrabTheir goal is to create an organization in every county where the local residents can restore the Constitution and the principles of liberty and individual responsibility at the county level. Police Chief Larry Cook in Missouri said “Whether it is gun rights or your property rights or your personal rights, no one right is greater than any of the rest of them”.

Most people don’t realize that the Office of County Sheriff is our last line of defense. They were here long before any other governmental form of law enforcement was ever established, so why the county sheriff? The county sheriff is the line in the sand. The county sheriff is the one who can say to the feds, “Beyond these bounds you shall not pass. This is not only within the scope of the sheriff’s authority; it’s the sheriff’s sworn duty. This is why we at the CSPOA encourage other law enforcement personnel, the next time they hear “Serve and Protect” to repeat in their own minds the true meaning, embodied in our slogan: To Serve the People and Protect Their Rights.

The County Sheriff is an elected position and he is responsible to us. He is not appointed and he answers to the people who elected him. As of today there are over 236 Sheriffs and Sheriff organizations that have joined the movement. Please check them out and support your County Sheriff.

Find out where your county sheriff stands.

Sheriff’s Call On Citizens To Stand Up For Their Rights

ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)– A group of law enforcement officers and citizens who see gun control laws as a violation of the U.S. Constitution met in St. Charles Friday. Speakers urged them to continue to speak out for liberty and freedom as defined …

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  1. As a former Deputy Sheriff, Tribal Marshal, D.O.D. Employee of 40 years , I have takens the OATH at least a dozen times.
    I am a founding member of OATH KEEPERS.If YOU the average American does not stand up and back your Sheriffs, it is over. End of Story
    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American

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