Corporate Giants From Silicon Valley Come Together To Silence Free Speech On The Internet.

Corporate Giants From Silicon Valley Come Together To Silence Free Speech On The Internet

by Pamela Williams

I don’t know how to begin to write about what I consider to be a turning point on the restriction of free speech on our precious Internet.  I just discovered that YouTube has censored some videos of one of the best citizen journalists on the Net: David Seaman.  He is one of the most reputable and honorable journalists on YouTube…he is shocked to say the least.  I will mourn the loss of his material and the assault on our First Amendment Rights.  So be it…God is in control, and He will guide those of us who trust Him.

We have been privileged to live in an era that many will not.  Did we abuse that privilege of being able to reach a global audience at the drop of a hat? It was a dream come true for all of us truthseekers and communicators, and we came together to research, investigate, and write about our most passionate subjects.  It is true that much of that is lost, and some of you will understand what I mean, but some of you will not.
They say they are censoring “extremist content”, which to most of you means basically terrorist content.  Yet, to some of us investigators it means literally our freedom to share our information and opinions concerning our investigations.  I believe the bottom line is our freedom of speech has been curtailed, and I feel  threatened and deeply terrified of being silenced.  Have I violated my privilege of sharing on this wonderful medium?  I can say in all honestly, no I have not.


The “fake news” purging campaign has reached across the blogosphere and alternative media and punished websites that have dared to report on such taboo topics as Pizzagate, Wikileaks email dumps, any controversial aspects of the Syrian war and many other serious topics which these agenda-driven companies have opted to suppress.

While these platforms offer the opportunity to reach a wide audience, the centrality of ubiquitous platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter is, obviously, that they have the power to delete accounts and drive down audience response by tweaking the algorithm.

They can make you invisible.

That is the state of free speech in 2016. It can be eradicated at a moment’s notice, and perhaps for reasons you aren’t even aware of.



Late last month CNN Money smeared and misquoted The Gateway Pundit in an article about fake news.


After an internal investigation CNN agreed to correct their article.

On Tuesday CNN issued a retraction and correction to their original report:

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story characterized Gateway Pundit as a website “designed to trick people.” That was not accurate. The Gateway Pundit is a political blog based in St. Louis that is popular among conservatives. CNNMoney has removed that characterization and regrets the error.

This story also reported that Gateway Pundit had published a widely circulated misquote of public comments made by the CEO of Pepsi. CNNMoney has been unable to confirm that Gateway Pundit repeated that misquote.



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