by Rick Wells

Devin Nunes has the Obama Mafia running scared, so much so that the DOJ cover up crew insisted on a 2nd meeting for Dems to give them info to distort and leak…

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It’s possible that the Obama criminal cover up operatives in DOJ leadership may be afraid that the truth that could come out of a meeting with House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes would portray them and those criminals they are protecting in a bad light.

Since Nunes is not a leaker, they’re probably more concerned that not enough will come out that is favorable to them in their effort to prevent the American people from discovering the specifics of the Obama crime syndicate’s domestic espionage conspiracy and operation against the Trump campaign. What they need are so strategic leaks that can be spun by the media – so they called in the Democrats.   [[WATCH VIDEOBELOW]]

Although Democrats have expressed no interest in having the truth revealed about the true nature of the witch hunt, now they are going to be included in the revelations of information that they had until recently completely ignored or dismissed as insignificant.

Ed Henry describes the DOJ shenanigans in which Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who subpoenaed the documents, must now attend two meetings in order to guarantee that the information provided to the other Gang of Eight legislators, Schumer and Pelosi included, is the same as what he’s being told in an earlier meeting.

Now he’ll have back to back meetings, which, may help raise some questions that he didn’t think of the first time though. The DOJ and Dem’s little scheme could end up blowing up in their faces.

Henry quotes Nunes on the last minute schedule changes as saying it was “weak and pathetic” on the part of DOJ and that it had the chairman “fired up.” He said, “This is why Americans no longer trust these guys. See you at 2pm,” the time of the second, additional gang of eight meeting.

Henry also points out that the orders from Trump for DOJ to end their obstruction and to be forthright and transparent may be having an impact on the methods and types of lies being told by the former top Obama officials in attempting to hide or explain away their wrongdoing.

Henry notes that former DNI James “not wittingly” Clapper is now employing the Comey get out of trouble pass, saying, “the intent was not to spy on the Trump campaign,” but to spy on the Russians, the non-existent boogeymen that are the go-to excuse for all Democrat criminality over the past couple of years.

Henry notes that’s “a mile apart from March of 2017, when the President first charged that Obama officials had conducted surveillance. Clapper then falsely claimed it was not true at all, there was no surveillance. Now he’s saying the ‘intent’ was not to spy, leaving the door open to all kinds of things.”

Henry points to a similar change of story from another lying Democrat criminal, James Comey, who now admits they spied on the President but that it was okay because it was “regulated.” It was not regulated and even if it had been it’s domestic spying for political gain using the power of the federal government on innocent civilians. There is no excuse that can make that okay.

There’s also no excuse for arming Pelosi, Schumer, Warner and most of all, Bobble-Head Adam Schiff with facts that they can then use to distort the truth when they did nothing but obstruct the process all along.

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