Covid is a Project of the Globalists – Russian Defense Ministry [VIDEO]

ER Editor: We’ve been waiting for a statement such as this, indicating the concerns of Russia over the covid plandemic, which has been fighting tooth and nail to preserve and strengthen itself as a nation state since, probably forever, but certainly since around 1999 when Putin took over from western sell-out Yeltsin. Putin understood perfectly well what the western elites wanted of Russia – its continued destruction and subservience, to be just an enormous landmass of valuable raw materials for the transnationals to take advantage of, not a functioning, autonomous nation.
Now we get I-lied-for-the-CIA and we’re-in-a-live-exercise Deep State favourite Mike Pompeo engaging in evidence-free rabble-rousing about Russia, as it looks like demented Biden and his globalist team may be stepping into the White House next month. Because friends help friends. The alleged cyberattack on US government agencies, as Zerohedge notes, may be an attempt to resurrect the Russiagate narrative in time for Biden’s team to step in and up the ante once again. See Trump Blasts Exaggerated Media Claims Of “Russia, Russia, Russia” In Cyberattack After Seeing Intel. See also US Deep State Preempts Reset In Relations With RussiaRussia has every reason to be concerned.

Andrey Ilnitsky: Covid is a Project of Globalists

Andre Ilnitsky, Special Advisor to Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense

On December 16th, the Federation Council held a round table of the Provisional Commission of the Federation Council for the Protection of State Sovereignty and Prevention of Interference in the Internal Affairs of Russia (Chairman, Andrey Klimov) on the topic “Foreign attempts to use the post-Soviet space/near abroad in order to destabilise the political system of Russia”.

Senators participated in the meeting of the round table, members of the Provisional Commission of the Federation Council: Elena Afanasyeva, Aleksandr Vaynberg, Margarita Pavlova, Vladimir Poletayev, member of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy and Foreign Intelligence Service Colonel Andrey Bezrukov, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Maria Butina, Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2010-2014 Nikolay Azarov, Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Andrey Savinykh, Deputy Chairman of the NGO “Belaya Rus” Aleksandr Shatko, chairman of the Bulgarian party “Revival of the Motherland” (created on the basis of the national movement “Russophiles”) Nikolay Malinov, Director of Communications of “Rossiya Segodnya” Pyotr Lidov-Petrovsky and others.

But the speech of Sergey Shoigu’s adviser, scientist, publicist, member of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy Andrey Ilnitsky, made the greatest impact.

Destabilizing the economies and health systems of national states is the main task of the coronavirus project, which has been successfully done, said Andrey Ilnitsky, adviser to the Russian Defence Minister.

Democracy should be established all over the world – of course, in the form that is of interest to the organisers of the venture. And those who want to preserve their nation states should be deprived of any benefits: “We will not allow the return of the pre-coronavirus world, we will pose questions to politicians …” And who are we? Transnational corporations. They will pose questions about deterrence measures, from which it follows that “covid is not the threat, but the measures that are being taken around the world”, Ilnitsky explained.

According to Ilnitsky, western multinational corporations consider coronavirus as their own project. The task is to have a large-scale impact on states around the world and completely transform people’s lives through strict anti-coronavirus restrictions.

Andre Ilnitsky included in his report points indicating attempts to put pressure on our country and other countries of the world that decided to preserve their sovereignty. Among other things, he talked about the well-known closed forum in Davos, where they talked about the implementation of the globalists’ plan. It was openly announced that the coronavirus pandemic should become a tool for a global reset and no one should return to their former life..

He recalled the combat formula of the virus in biological warfare. The main indicator of the virus in the biological attack of the enemy is virulence, i.e. the ability to infect the human body. The theses outlined by Ilnitsky are contained in the book of Klaus Schwab “Covid-19: The Great Reset”. Schwab, it must be said, organised the Davos Forum. In his book, he calls for a world ruled by corporations.

“And in this world there will be no place for nation states. They are not there. Quote: ‘If democracy and globalisation expand, then there will be no place for a nation state’. Of course, there will be no place for sovereign Russia there in the first place. The covid project has put fear in people, demolished the Donald Trump administration, stirred up nation states, placed a strain on their health systems … It has fulfilled its task. By the way, the combat formula of the virus, and it did not become known today … It is not a killer virus. The main feature of the virus is virulence, it has to destabilize the enemy’s health systems. And after it the killer viruses are launched. This is simply just information … So, to continue dismantling the old world, globalists need platforms.

In particular, such platforms should be the green agenda, digitalisation and various kinds of ideological simulators – from LGBT to BLM, which will “enter” nation states and take root.

The expert pointed out the danger posed by transnational corporations in relation to independent states. Ilnitsky called on deputies and senators of the Federation Council to reject draft laws that may even contain a potential threat to Russia’s national security.



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