Dark Magic in Hillary’s Past

By Gary Curtis

Perhaps like you, I was one of the estimated 84 million people who watched the first televised debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in their 2016 pursuit of the presidency. 

As I watched, I could not help trying to remember how long it has been since I first became aware of Hillary Clinton. It had to be back in 1988, when her husband, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, gave the nominating address to the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta. In what was meant to be a minor 15-minute message to officially nominate Governor Michael Dukakis (of Massachusetts) to run for president, the wordy, southern newcomer was booed as his speech went on for well over a half hour. Even then, Mrs. Clinton was at his side, defending his speech and extolling his talents.

Four years later, in 1992, Bill Clinton explained that he and Hillary were a package deal. If we voted for him to become President of the United States, we would get Hillary as a bonus, “two for the price of one.”  True to his word, Hillary Rodham Clinton set herself apart as a legally astute and politically persistent First Lady. 

Since there is no position as First Lady in our constitution, the activities and authority of the role varies by the public personality and political goals of the individual and their elected spouse. Most have served as hostess of the White House, overseeing all social and ceremonial events of “The People’s House.” Her role and activities are an extension of the office of the elected spouse. For the Clinton White House, staff and observers have said they often could not tell where Bill’s efforts stopped and Hillary’s began. It really was a “two for the price of one.”

After the Democrats lost Congress in 1994, along with other political setbacks, the Clintons invited a small group of self-help authors and leaders of the New Age human-potential movement to Camp David for insight and inspiration. Bob Woodward (from Watergate fame) wrote The Choice, about how Bill Clinton won the election in 1996. He revealed this New Age-ish self-help gathering and the continued contacts Hillary had with one particular member of the group, psychic and astrologer Dr. Jean Houston.

Woodward explained, “Three of the attendees were well-known:  Anthony Robbins, author of ‘Awaken the Giant Within’; Marianne Williamson, author of ‘A Return to Love’; and Stephen R. Covey, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Effective People’.  Their names later leaked out publicly and all three declined to discuss the substance of the meeting.  The identities of the two others did not leak, and they were the ones who played a significant role over the weekend and the year that followed.”

“The first was Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research, which studies psychic experience and altered and expanded consciousness.  Houston, then 55, the author of 14 books, was one of the most high-energy seminar leaders in the country.  She was a believer in spirits, mythic and other connections to history and to other worlds.” 

Dr. Houston became Hillary’s “spiritual adviser” and had many meetings and overnight stays in the White House in 1994 and 1995. During these stays, she led the First Lady in vivid mental techniques and “imagined dialogs” with Eleanor Roosevelt and even one of Mrs. Clinton’s heroes, Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. These experiences can only be understood as actual spiritualist séances.

The White House went into “spin cycle” and George Stephanopoulos, who was then the senior adviser to the President, said it was common for White House figures to ponder history and imagine what their predecessors might have done in trying situations. He suggested Woodward’s reports were “titillating” exaggerations, offered in the marketing of his book about the White House.

However, “visualizing” an imaginary conversation with someone still does not result in “dialogues”; only an actual séance would produce a dialogue with the dead. This dark and dangerous practice is known as necromancy and is forbidden in the Bible.  

If Mrs. Clinton had supposed dialog with the “dead,” she was actually talking to demons! One can only wonder if these occult occasions continued in these past 20 years. And, if they have, how might this “dark magic” explain some of her bizarre actions, anger, and attitudes, for which she has become notorious?


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