Exclusive interview with Middle East Rising chief corespondent in Gaza, Professor Aladdin Hajjaj

By Ariyana Love
Wednesday morning, I received a message from the BDS office in South Africa, that Israeli channel 10 news reported the Zionist occupation army would carry our air strikes in Gaza that same evening. The report specifically stated the purpose of the air strikes would be totest new weapons on the civilian population.
This proves the air strikes Wednesday afternoon were premeditated. They were also orchestrated to coincide with the arrival of the Woman’s Boats to Gaza, in order to divert the world’s attention away from their extremely serious act of Piracy.
The Freedom Flotilla, “Zaytouna-Oliva and Alma” boats, were attempting to break the 10-year illegal siege on the Gaza strip. Scheduled to arrive at 12:00 PM, a welcoming party of children and families were gathered on Gaza shores. At exactly 12:00 PM, Zionist F16’s began flying overhead. At this same time, Zionist boats moved in on the Woman’s Freedom Flotilla, intercepting their communications signal with the mainland.


In an act of Piracy, under international Maritime Law, at 36 miles off the coast of Gaza, the Freedom Flotilla was hijacked and it’s crew members were abducted after Zionist Israeli Occupation Forces boarded the vessels and steered the boats to Ashdod port in occupied Palestine. Pre-recorded SOS Video messages from Zaytouna-Oliva were released to the public.
At 1:00 PM, the F16’s began breaking the sound barrier, creating terrifying sonic booms all across Gaza. By 1:30 PM, air strikes began. They lasted about 3 hours.
Press TV reported that there were only 6 air strikes but on the ground reports, differ. One citizen’s journalist counted 40 strikes in one hour in central Gaza.
During an interview today with Professor Aladdin Hajjaj with the Palestinian Authority, he told me that 20 air strikes were counted in one hour’s time, along Gaza’s Eastern boarder.

The Zionist occupation as usual, claimed Hamas had fired the single rocket which landed in a street in Sderot. Everybody knows that the Palestinian Resistance would never fire a rocket on the same day the Woman’s Freedom Flotilla was set to arrive in Gaza. Hamas did indeed deny the allegation.
To date, Hamas has not violated the ceasefire agreement they signed in 2014. While the Zionist occupation has violated it nearly 200 times.
Metal fragments and a small crater in a street marked the spot where the rocket landed. It looks like the rocket didn’t even explode and there is virtually no damage.


Rocket launched from the Gaza Strip strikes a road in the southern city of Sderot on October 5, 2016. (Israel Police)
On Thursday, a previously unknown group in Gaza, “The Grandchildren of the Followers of the Prophet” said in a statement posted on several websites that it carried out the Sderot attack in the name of “oppressed brothers and sisters” under Israeli occupation.
Professor Hajjaj believes the rockets were fired by Salafist Israeli spy’s.
“In Gaza, Hamas is the authority, controlling everything, military and political. Nobody can fire a rocket against Israel without permission. Israel send spies to fire rockets, which gives Israel an excuse to bomb us.”
Only Hamas and Jihad Islam have rockets. Professor Hajjaj said there are no more than 100-200 of these Salafists in Gaza and they are not armed militants. He explained, “they can be controlled by Hamas in less then one hour but they are more dangerous than the occupation.”
The question is, where did the Salafists get the rockets?

Zionist hell-fire resumed, Thursday

Thursday afternoon, the Zionist occupation army fired heavy artillery from tanks, at the Eastern boarder of Gaza, in Al Shejaiyeh.
Professor Hajjaj confirmed that Israel has in fact been testing a new technology in Gaza over the past 48 hours. Terrifying sounds, similar to sonic booms were heard on the Eastern boarder, he explained:
“No sound like this was used in the 2014 attack on Gaza, or previous attacks. Half of our students were absent from school today and the ones who attended could not focus on their lesson. So, I stopped teaching and took on the role as a psychological counselor, reassuring them. Fear has been planted in this new generation. They are psychologically destroyed.”
I asked Professor Hajjaj how the electricity situation is in Gaza.
“Israel controls the boarder to Gaza. We have only enough oil to run the electricity for one day. If they close the boarders that day, oil does not get in and Gaza goes without electricity.”
The Zionist army bombed mostly empty fields and a couple Palestinian Resistance buildings. I asked Professor Hajjaj if he had eaten today and he said, “nothing.”
“At the time of bombing, we don’t know their bombing empty fields. We adults know they are testing new weapons. We know they want to send a message that the people of Gaza should be frightened all the time. But the sounds are so terrifying, especially for the children, who can’t understand the reality.”
The reality being that Gaza is a laboratory for untested, internationally banned weapons and every Palestinian man, woman and child is a human test subject. Professor Hajjaj continued:
“Cases of cancer have increased, especially among children. Israel does not allow cancer patients to receive treatment in Israel, unless they agree to spy on their own people. Israel has sent patients (with permission) back to Gaza from hospitals in Israel before their treatment was complete, because they refused to spy.”

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