Dear Pregnant Mom Just Beginning to Question Vaccines


Dear Pregnant Mom who is just beginning to question vaccines:

For a pregnant woman, or just about anyone, the amount of information is overwhelming, and the credibility of sources is variable. In general, when you think about what is valid and what isn’t, look for articles that are well-cited. If a blog post cites its own blogposts as references, that’s not usually a good sign. I try to stay away from anything that is sensationalized, and I very rarely post anything from Natural News for that reason. Natural News articles often report on information that is true and worth looking into further, but I would suggest going to the references and reading the original source. I also rarely post anything from Mercola (even though I love what he does and the information is excellent) because he does make a lot of money from selling supplements and that can be viewed as a conflict of interest. I do READ Mercola and encourage others to do so, but again, when you are researching something as important as vaccines and YOUR child’s life, it’s important to go to the original source for your information – go to the references and get the studies so YOU are making your own decisions. This advice also applies to what I post from VaxTruth – I try very hard to always include the original citations and I hope people will dig further and not just take my word for anything.#ParentsDoTheWork

When you are thinking about what sources to rely on, there are some things to consider and bias is the first thing. Think about what someone has to gain from what they are saying. Parents who are posting about vaccine dangers are trying to prevent other parents from making the same errors in judgment that we have made. We want to spare other babies the harm our own have endured.

There are huge conflicts of interest and a lot of money involved between the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC. The CDC makes money off of the sale of vaccines. The CDC and vaccine makers are the ones who are educating your doctor about vaccines. It’s like taking the word of a used car salesman. “Trust me! This 1976 Ford Pinto is perfectly safe!”

This video of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. testifying in Vermont, is an excellent overview of the problems to consider when weighing whether or not to follow your doctor’s (and The CDC’s) advice:

This is another excellent piece from Bobby Kennedy:  RFK Manifesto on Mercury and Vaccines

One of the most important things to remember is that every single one of us is different. We have different DNA. We have different genetic backgrounds, family medical histories, environmental toxin exposures. Some families have higher rates of autoimmune disease, and that appears to be one of the biggest risk factors predisposing infants and children to higher rates (more significant damage) of vaccine-injury. Vaccines alter the immune system. It’s what they are designed to do. The aluminum in vaccines is there for the express purpose of ramping up the immune system. When you have an immune system that is already ramped up (autoimmunity is the result of an immune system that’s in hyper-drive), it’s no big surprise that your immune system may respond differently to vaccines than those who don’t have that predisposition.

AnotShould you get a flu shot or TDap vaccine while pregnant?her important thing to think about is epigenetics and how vaccines impact us on an inter-generational level. If you were born in the 1990s and if you were vaccinated, you were one of the children to receive the full brunt of Thimerosal in vaccines. Even though you may not have had significant (clinically-recognized) reactions or lasting effects from the vaccines you received, your body was still injected with a lot of mercury, which is the second-most toxic substance on earth. Mercury is mutagenic. It alters DNA. Altered DNA is passed to subsequent generations. Even though the effects of vaccines you received as a child may not be noticeable in YOU, the effects of those vaccines can be expected to increase your children’s vulnerability to reactions. The impact of vaccines given to parents on their children can be illustrated by looking at the children of military personnel. In 2007, when the “official” autism rate was 1 in 150, it was 1 in 67 among children of military personnel – adults who receive the highest amount of vaccines.

So… with all of the options out there, where should you start?

Start with what comes first. What decisions will you have to make first?

Should you get a flu shot or TDap vaccine while pregnant?

You will have to decide about the flu shot and TDap in pregnancy. This is one place to start when thinking about the flu shot.

For information about TDap (and DTaP) vaccines, I suggest starting here and here.

More on TDap and DTaP can be found here.

If you have the Rh- factor, you will also be pressured to get the RhoGAM injection while you’re pregnant. Please check this outbefore making that decision.

After your baby is born, you will have to make two decisions within the first 24 hours: Will you give Hepatitis B? Will you give Vitamin K? Here is some information to consider:

How Toxic are Hepatitis B and Vitamin K Injections?
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Infants: Is it Worth It?
Should Infants be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B? How Much Aluminum is Safe for Infants?

After giving birth, you will have two months in which to do additional research before you will be pressured to give your infant his or her first big round of vaccines at the “well-baby check-up” (aka vaccine appointment). Here are some things you may find helpful as you strive to make an informed decision about your infant’s (and your family’s) future:

Vaccinations:  Your Child vs. “The Greater Good”
Vaccine Ingredients:  A Comprehensive Guide

Watch this presentation from Dr. Suzanne Humphries:

And watch this video in which Dr. Boyd Haley addresses the misinformation you may encounter from Dr. Paul Offit:

There are MANY MORE excellent resources on vaccine safety and this list is in no way making any kind of judgment about which are better than others. These are just some choices others have indicated they have found helpful. I hope they help you, too.

Here is a little bit of information about me:

I have a master of science (M.S.) in psychology. I took a dual track and completed the requirements for both the clinical and experimental psychology concentrations, meaning I graduated with nearly double the amount of hours needed to obtain the masters degree. I was a graduate research assistant and was involved in the design and implementation of original research studies. I received national recognition for excellence in academic research and was awarded the American Psychological Foundation’s Graduate Research Scholarship Award for my master’s thesis. My goal was to obtain a Ph.D. and work at the CDC as a researcher. I was accepted to George Washington University in D.C. for the Ph.D. program in Social and Health Psychology, where I received full funding (scholarship) and a Teaching Assistantship and was well on my way to achieving my goal of being a CDC scientist. That’s when my daughter was injured by her “kindergarten shots.” I had to leave the Ph.D. behind so I could be more available to care for her. There was no way I could be a full time student, researcher, and teaching assistant and care for my child. There just wasn’t enough of me to go around. Please understand this fact: I was a researcher before vaccine-injury became the focus of my research. Just because I am a mom and just because my daughter was injured, that does not mean I lost my skills. Quite the opposite. It means my skills have been laser-focused on one issue for the last several years. When people refer to me as being “anti-vaccine” and when they tell you “VaxTruth is not a credible source,” you can decide whether or not to listen. That’s not my call. It’s your choice to make. Just as what you do with your child is YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE. Please be sure that choice is as well-informed as possible. The ramifications of making the wrong choice can last a lifetime.


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