DEAR VOTER: If You Believed Bill’s S-L-O-P About Hillary Then You’re One Stupid SOB!

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If you saw Bill Clinton speak at the DNC last night, then you know that he threw out a whole bunch of slop about Hillary. Do you actually believe it? Check it out…

Bill Clinton did his best to persuade Americans to embrace his wife and put another Clinton in the White House with a lengthy and heartfelt speech about their marriage and her success as a public servant.

After an election in which Mrs Clinton has been hammered by primary rival Bernie Sanders and by a bevy of Republicans for her ties to Wall Street, cast as an insider who would be business-as-usual, her husband deployed his famous gift for story telling describing over 42 minutes Mrs Clinton’s steady transformation from a studious and standoffish classmate to a loving partner and political change-maker.

Clinton started his speech simply, recalling the first moment he laid eyes on Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School.

‘In the spring of 1971, I met a girl,’ Clinton said.

He then traced their personal family story through the years, from his two failed attempts to convince Hillary to marry to him, the birth of their daughter Chelsea and her years supporting him as first lady of Arkansas and the United States.

All the while, Clinton said his wife never stopped working to improve the lives of children and the less fortunate.

‘She’s been around a long time. She sure has. And she has sure been worth every single year she has put into making people’s lives better,’ Clinton told a cheering crowd inside the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.

‘She always wants to move the ball forward – that is just who she is.’

He said Republicans had tried to cast his wife as ‘a cartoon’ – but saluted delegates by saying, ‘Earlier today, you nominated the real one.’

Vouching for Mrs Clinton in a hall that includes many delegates whose frustration with the status quo prompted them to back a Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution, Clinton said of his wife: ‘She is still the best darned change maker I have ever known,’ unleashing his familiar finger-wag.

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But this is the reality about how Bill really feels:

The discovery that he had oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office in January 1998 abruptly changed the course of Bill Clinton’s presidency. But it wasn’t breaking news to those who had worked closely with him during his Arkansas days.

Bill Clinton’s womanizing had been louder than a buzzsaw for a long time.

But the emerging details of his tawdry liaison with the flirtatious and zaftig Monica Lewinsky was devastating to his staff.

It sent them into a tailspin and it jeopardized the legacy of his administration. It was also bitterly painful for Hillary Clinton. And it could be even more painful as her husband’s dalliances come back to haunt the presidential candidate.

Already,  Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Dolly Kyle and Monica’s confidante Linda Tripp have questioned Hillary’s abilities to run the country.

Willey joined an organization to campaign against Hillary’s presidential race earlier this year, while Tripp has said that Hillary ‘must never become president’. Kyle has revealed that Hillary got her to lie about her affair on 60 Minutes and says she can’t be trusted.

Jones called Hillary a ‘liar’.

The imbroglio inflicted enormous political damage on Clinton’s heir apparent, Vice President Al Gore.

When he chose to run for the presidency in 2000, he was so repulsed by Clinton’s recklessness, he chose not seek his endorsement.

‘It wasn’t so much the morality of the situation itself… Clinton put his fortunes in the hands of a 21-year old, totally irresponsible child’, Lawrence Stein, who served as assistant to Clinton and his chief lobbyist, is quoted in the upcoming oral history, Inside The Clinton White House, by Russell Riley, to be published by Oxford University Press on September 29.

Read more: Daily Mail [More revealing story and pictures]



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