Degraded Society – Brought to you by Psychopolitics


By: Lucille Femine

In addition to Steve Cook’s great articles on this evil tome of doom, I’d like to concentrate on one branch of it – sexual depravity. I was inspired to write about this after seeing pictures on Facebook of Miley Cyrus that were 98 percent pornography as she sang and danced around, having sex with herself. Elvis Presley’s performances were church sermons compared to hers.

Why would she do this? Isn’t this activity supposed to be private? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. No, she wasn’t totally naked but you get the idea, no? She sure does her best to leave little to your imagination.

As an answer to why she does this, one might shrug and say – well, she’s just sex crazy. Or, she’s a victim of the entertainment field and her producers. Or you might conclude – well, it’s a modern world, get with it! (an actual response to my last article on this topic) Modern is not synonymous with better. It’s more like entertainment has become synonymous with pornography. Not everywhere but enough to greatly alter the entire moral fiber of the planet. Deliberately so.

By the way, if that commenter was a parent, she might shield her children from the offensive images and videos with her hand over their eyes and turn on the cartoons – not much better, actually; she’d just be swapping depravity for idle stupidity.

She might even sign an internet protest against it. End of responsibility. (Can be such a chore to find an envelope and stamps which are buried somewhere and actually walk to the mailbox)

All fine and good but these are shallow and short-lived solutions at best, often falling on deaf congressmen’s ears and a moldy moral conscience. Nevertheless, as in all ailments, particularly the serious ones, one must get to the source.

Psychopolitics is the textbook of the New World Order. It was not written by a raving psychotic rocking back and forth in a psych ward. (that’s a final stage) No, it is a cold-blooded and detailed layout of how to create socialism with slavery at its core and ultimate goal. It is as precise as an architectural drawing or as cool as a cookbook and it’s been a long time in its planning and execution. See for yourself – look around or turn on your TV.

Aside from the general plan to degrade society through being defeated in wars, defamation and subjugated by the enemy, the specific agenda that has to do sex goes like this:

 By making drugs of various kinds readily available, by giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices taught at the Sexpol, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness, and worthlessness that will be the matrix to give the teenager complete freedom everywhere –  communism.

While this area of life might seem of lesser importance when you consider the huge issues of wars, communist takeovers, destruction of the middle class, the Constitution, our food, air and water, psychiatric drug-pushers, it only appears to be so due to its insidiousness, like a cancer you don’t see for many years.

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The truth is, the more children and teens can be socked into their bodies through the concentration on and so-called “freedom” of sex, the further removed they become from themselves as spiritual beings.

Says right there in the book:

 Thus, the first target is Man himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must think of himself as an animal, capable only of animalistic reactions. He must no longer think of himself, or of his fellows, as capable of “spiritual endurance,” or nobility.

How better to do that than to cause people to be slaves of their bodies through compulsive sex, aided by the consistent use of drugs?  From there, it’s an easy slide into guilt, depression (enhanced by anti-depressant drugs) a greatly reduced will to live and on into slavery.

What about that so respectable institution called Planned Parenthood pushing sex on five-year-olds as part of the Common Core school curriculum?  They come complete with graphic pictures of all manner of sexual activities, including gay sex.

Any good parent would shield their children from pornography. Well, they need to do the same with Common Core’s plan to help destroy society under the guise of “sex education” because Planned Parenthood’s book, “It’s Perfectly Normal” is perfectly pornographic.

Look beyond the status and authority the school system presents – via the government – and call a spade a spade. We and especially our children are being duped into accepting moral decay through mainstream, middle-class channels.

When a society becomes ethically-challenged, we can’t get any lower.  And that’s what they want.




L. Femine is a Staff Writer and Executive Director of Media for The Liberty Beacon project.


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