by Rick Wells

Rosenstein has may defenders, you have to when you’re orchestrating a coup against the US President. One of them is Solomon Wisenberg, who revealed his agenda…

Joe diGenova isn’t in the mood for any duplicity or dishonesty, particularly on the part of his counterpart in the segment,  attorney Solomon Wisenberg. The conversation begins with the topic of the leaking of a list of questions that Robert Mueller supposedly wants to ask President Trump.

DiGenova says that they “are clearly the types of questions that have been discussed between the Presidents team and Mr. Mueller. And the question is what do these questions say? They say that the investigation is now lurching into territory protected by the Constitutional privileges of the President of the United States.” He goes on to lay out the likely series of events that lead us to a Constitutional crisis.

DiGenova says President Trump is not going to answer those questions under any circumstances. He cites a couple of examples of the most ridiculous questions in the list, one dealing with “what were you thinking when fired Comey and another similarly asking for Trump’s thoughts when he fired Michael Flynn.

DiGenova says, “The notion that a special counsel can intrude on the thinking process of a sitting President, while he was President, firing a person that you have ultimate authority, unfettered, unreviewable authority to fire under the Constitution, tells me one thing about Mueller. He has gone goofy. The question should not be answered under any set of circumstances.” He characterizes the questions as sophomoric.

Wisenberg says the questions show that “the Mueller people are outraged and livid at the President’s criticisms of them and they have a very dangerously broad view of obstruction of justice. That is the end of civility between the two, as Ingraham then plays a clip of the deep state rat Rod Rodentstein describing efforts to force him to comply with Congressional subpoenas and document requests under threat of impeachment as extortion.

DiGenova says Rosenstein has shown his ignorance of the Constitution, that those documents are entitled to Congress under the Constitution, pursuant to its oversight function. DiGenova says if he thinks that’s extortion, Rosenstein should resign from office as “clearly a legal incompetent.” Wisenberg gets  his feelings hurt when Ingraham compares Rosenstein to Comey. You can’t swing a dead cat in DC without hitting a Rosenstein crony and political ally.

Wisenberg says, “Please don’t defame Rod by comparing him to Comey.” His actions brought on the comparison and both are equally despicable, so the allegations of defamation are laughable. DiGenova says he doesn’t have any problem with Rosenstein resisting Congress, “but he cannot refuse to turn over documents that Congress has a right to see.”

DiGenova calls the use of the word “extortion” by Rosenstein an absolute outrage on the part of a constitutional officer who is the deputy attorney general of the United States. That is unbecoming and it’s a fireable offense.  In defending his apparent BFF, Wisenberg insults diGenova, telling him he thinks everything is an outrage.

He tells diGenova that President Trump could have ordered Rosenstein to turn the documents over at any time, which both Ingraham and diGenova say is not true, that he’s under orders from Don Mcgahn  not to communicate with DOJ.

Wisenberg is, as a well-connected DC lawyer, well aware of the situation, which makes it even more obvious that he’s there to protect and advocate on behalf of his boy Rosenstein. Apparently the DOJ rat isn’t as confident his indignant “how dare you ‘extort’ evidence of corruption in violation of my criminal cover up” dramatic performance is going to fly as he would have us believe that he is.


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